Nawlin's style Roast beef po-boy 007bondjb

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Poor Boy Poboy po-boy YUM!

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R R says:

Lol I thought the cubes were dice, I was like JB was gonna hustle someone in craps lol

Rhonda Dills says:

We make good garlic bread for dis and add onion😎😎😎

Antonio Gouard says:

Yumm boi, looks good man

B Robinson says:

TY for sharing👍

Mary Spaabeck says:

Made it VERY DELICIOUS, and knowing what spices to add, helped me a lot! THANK YOU!

Mijemu mijemu says:

I gonna have to do it again… mmm damn.. damn…

B Abadie says:

I never knew that "dressed" was a New Orleans thing. You're spot on correct. Basic dressed is always mayo, lettuce and tomato…..but some places do add pickle. It varies. Cheese on a seafood poboy is pretty much devil worship.

Jonathan Marse says:

Why not flour it before blowing it? Seems like it makes a better crust around it.

Timothy Dishneau says:

This was great simple and easy. Look forward to trying this. Great job.

Papa George Chronicles says:

Just stumbled across your Channel and had to subscribe. I run a mobile food business in Kentucky. You've given me some ideas for new items I can offer. Looking forward to watching more when I can find the time. Take care and continued Good Cooking to you!

IBleedBlue BBN says:

Oh my my my This looks so good!!! I believe this is our dinner tomorrow!!!!!
I'm new to your channel.
I enjoy your authentic videos!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Robert Urban says:

Excellent Sir ! You remind me of my uncle…They lived on Dauphine St….Nawlins…


Blind Mellow Jelly, I WANT MY DADDY RECORDS!

TheMsLady4Real says:

Yes, that Southern Style Collard , Etc. Brand of canned Greens are great, especially if you slow cook your meats and add later! Let sit refrigerated for a day or so! Love the newspaper idea, for splatters! "Maybe lightly spray the newspaper w/ water, just saying! You are an awesome cook/chef Mr. J.B.! Such an honor to know you!"Louisiana Proud"! From Eunice "Chef/Cook Mrs. Lady4Real/ Mrs. Eunice C&C Chef!

Bill Howard says:

All you needed was a Leidenheimer Zip!

yahosna40x says:

Cookin' wit yer fly down….Thats the way to do it!

Peter Doll says:

I LOVE your videos, JB, but someone desperately needs to get you some cast iron. You're too good of a cook to be messing around with those flimsy aluminum pans.

t mi says:

Good job, looks fantastic.

Randy Watts says:

Yo Momanems gonna smack you upside yo face wit a brickbat!  you 'posed to use luminum furl roun d'pot …not newspaper ads.  But you can cook some roast beef…Tell yo Momanems I say How she durrin!

John Kelsey says:

Great video. Happy wife happy home. Happy man.

Romain Trehorel says:

it's a bit like having boeuf bourguignon in a fresh loaf only without the carrots. we use red wine when it comes to cooking meat I wonder if it makes a huge difference with white wine. I like the way the meat is first grilled then slow-cooked in po'boys. 

tmrjamison says:

You the man jb you the man!!! I'll be the camera man any day of the week if it pays beer and food😉

Yliyah Hawkins says:

….LMAO….boy love them "splatter shields"….look kinda exspencive like….LOL ! you the best JB….love your show, been tellin everybody and they non union folk….YUM!

Yliyah Hawkins says:

BOOOOOY…..I love your show….aint nothing current like what you are a doin….keep it up…and keep on a keepin on…..fightin them non union folk…I got your six…he he he !

GrayNeko says:

Oh, wow! I can't believe I let this video get past me! YUM! Numfar! Do the dance of yum!
Although, alas, as with previous comment, minor technical issue, couldn't quite get my hands on it.Not to fret,  I'm sure JB Tech Support is working to resolve the issue. ^_~ Cheers, JB!

Tina T. says:

''..all that good shit''….rotf!!!!

Reba Bend says:

I have a shoulder roast in my freezer. This is the perfect recipe to make on friday night.I didn't want to make the traditional pot roast but wanted something different.Thank you so much.By looking at that sandwhich you could really tell that the meat was so tender. OMG!!! look so good.I love your videos.

kevin neel says:

I am starving now. Great job.

kevin neel says:

Natural Lite is the best.

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