New Orleans Red Beans and Rice Recipe

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Over rice with Cajun smoked pork sausage

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Jim Cash. says:

Hey,I say BOY,  right here….. Not sure If I ever asked Ya SON, but way up north here,we have that place called, POPEYES Chicken, the one that claims to be Louisiana Good, well the  Beans  they have are AMAZING…….Do ya  make anything as such  ?    IF so, I'd be mighty pleased to learn the steps.  and keep them videos coming.  Ya one cool cookin fool.  😉   thanks.

Chevy Brown says:

Kristina is beautiful and so are those red beans! Mine are on now!

gasman says:

j b ,can I come to spring fling ?please ,please ,please,ill even help with cookin ol boy

drbombay927 says:

Damn that daughter of yours grew up GOOD!!.Hey what is the most popular cajun dish on fat tuesday JB?

Lars Grillpjokken says:

You gotta stop movin that cam like that when I'm hungover. Boy!

Jason Csuk says:

Love it JB. Im hungry every time I watch your videos.

Anonymoose says:

Ha! I did a quick search on your channel, and I counted 27 before I got to "Load more." That was as far as I wanted to go, and it was probably just the tip of the beanberg.

incubus5630 says:

The only Professer I have left Professer J.B. we love ya boy!

Ken Branch says:

JB, I've been thru your vids and can't find one on bread pudding or rice pudding. I know you must do them better than we do in Texas. How about it?

vaderland says:


Happy V-Day to you and the misses!

abbyd711 says:

JB I dont care how many times you have showed us how to make red beans and rice-I love to watch your videos.  I work 8 hours a day in the financial dept and watch/listen to you on half of my screen and work on the other half.  Your voice is just comforting…………….. however your camera work today was making me dizzier than I already am  :)

Tango Joe says:

I'll take two plates please.

FitAussieAngie says:

Looks great JB as always. You eatin well boy :)

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