Nigella Lawson’s Loin of Pork with Bay Leaves | Nigella Bites

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Nigella shows us how to make one of her favourite dinner party dishes; loin of pork with bay leaves.

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Mandy Parrett says:

Love the parp sound at 2 minutes 50!! Great recipe too 😉

Mercy Kelly says:

A candlelight supper fit for Hyacinth Bucket

ann garvock says:

She is so great , does not eat with the pinky up , just gets stuck in .

Ivan Eyre says:

She could rub my pork loin……

supernova girl says:

2am and I'm watching this

Jose Estevez says:

Pork looks great….now a salad with parsley is just a joke

Jim Halfpenny says:

Very attractive woman

proserfina21096 says:

Youre very angelic.I love Nigella!

Sidney Mathious says:

That pork roast is looking great and have to be so delicious and very tasty.

To Be Honest says:


Astagfarullah….haram…haram…come on my Jewish sista 🤣🤣
Love Nigella 💖💖

StrangeViolette says:

Did someone fart around 2:50?

jarednil69 says:

I don't like raw onions on anything.

Gray bridge Tipton says:

She is a pretty mess .

Toshi says:

i made it, and it wasnt for me, but its still good.

Danny Conkerton says:

@2.51 does she fart it sounds like her or the camera man farts 😂😂😂😂

Tom Sparks says:

I made her pork chops with the cider and mustard sauce — amazing. Wishing her pride versus terror in seeing herself young, and now aged, and in the legacy she has given to cooking and eating.

About Creativity says:

Very good, Please keep the videos with us. Thanks for keeping it real!

hisham elfiki says:

Thanks for sharing a wonderful video

notimeremains says:

ASMR food sounds

Elham Ali kortam says:

you learned me how to cook

Elham Ali kortam says:

i love you soooo much

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