Nikki Dinki Seafood Recipes

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Chef Nikki Dinki shows us how to make some of her signature seafood dishes!

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Sam Jill says:

Looks all so yum

Zachary Lavender says:

Wendy be getting her eat on!

Annette Rochelle Aben says:

sorry Nikki, I love you dearly but celery root is NOT the root of a celery plant, although they are both in the same family. congrats on all the babies

Leo Lioness says:

Wendy makes sure no one is going to ask for any of the food by constantly sticking her fingers into every dish

rimbluebooks says:

Wendy is me when mom is cooking 😂😋😋😋😋

Omar Muniz says:

This is the most I’ve seen Wendy eat!

sherroy johnson says:

Ok Her Fingers In The Sauces…She Made Sure No One Else Would Want Any. Wendy Packing All That Up And Taking It Home.


I love wendy,,don't hate cause she speaks her mind and TELL TRUTH while getting paid,,NOW HOW YOU DOING

Martine Lervik says:

wendy is so funny

Amalthea Bluemoon says:

I love Wendy eating!!!! I hate when stars starve themselves to keep a figure or an image

Lady D says:

I'm not sugarcoating… that looked disgusting… her fingers in everything… yuk

Deanie Harris says:

I 💜 seafood but I don't recall the last time I had any sighs


I need my Hot Topic…

Perla Serrano says:

When did Wendy eat last? She is sooo hungry. I have never seen such a hungry person. 😀 However, sticking your finger in the food is nasty. I bet the crew would also love to try those dishes.

Nelly Collins says:

i dont like watching ppl eat nor the sounds of chewing.

ronda allen says:

I've always wondered why Wendy is not a foodie in her hiatus.

savionahmad says:

Food segments are the BEST! Wendy could have a show on Food Network if her current show ever ends!

HuXcH says:

Queen of mukbangs

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