Nikki Dinki’s Italian Recipes

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Nikki Dinki puts a healthy twist on our favorite Italian recipes.
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Luz Adriana says:

she would never dare to tell wendy “keep stiring”

mylovexavier says:

jerry has to keep reminding us that he has a wife – because he's too scared to come out of the closet and he thinks he has to keep up his cover. just come out of the closet already – we will still like you- except more – because right now you are fake

Mode7GamingPLUS says:

this guy is dumber than wendy!

Anayancy PL says:

Jerry you are great! Greetings from Mexico.

Yvonne Borden says:

Jerry you need to be on tv some more,miss you man ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Carrie Myers says:

What's the ingredients for the meatballs she's literally just mentions egg plant and marinara wtf

Peter Luk says:

Jerry needs to go get some cooking lessons!

Pooky-Raed says:

It was a lil rude if her to tell him to put his pizza away and stir her stupid salad for her.

MissA0928 says:

I loved Nikki on food network star glad to see her on Wendy

petercox9 says:

hmmm…jerry, is that really the first time you've tossed some salad? okaaaaaaaaay.

BeachBoi321 Chase says:

He should have pulled the Hot Sauce peppers 🌶 #ClassicWendy

NanaPearl pearl says:

Jerry is weird lol

NanaPearl pearl says:

Who said that looks good

Sheilla Olga says:

Kallen Allen needs to see this

Ralph M says:

Her food looked gross lmao

One Two Me says:

you americans with your melted cheddar, i don't get it. it's gross

Nobody Smith says:

Brilliant salad dressing, girl!!! Gotta get that cookbook. Saved to favorites/bookmarks. So fresh & so clean food.

Nobody Smith says:

I would watch Jerry toss up that salad All.Day.Long. For reals. HILARIOUS! Toss salad and dance, boi!!

akumbu sylvia ohuche says:

She is wearing a SJ Parker pair of shoes

Roni O says:

i love Wendy but i like him

Mathis Peeters says:

Rely necessity leadership rose toward occasionally steady turn pursuit command

Yesenia Ruedas says:

If I wouldn't have known any better, I would have thought Jerry was How ya doin gay lol… loooove him

Tara Hays says:

She’s probably grateful it was the polite Jerry today;) also that puréed eggplant idea it probably bomb! 🍆🍽🍽

Tammy Williams says:

Great TV Host!!!

Krissy Nu says:

I liked how he let her take her time! It was refreshing to see…just as refreshing as it was to finally see BACON!!! Very yummy dishes!

2dasimmons says:

Is this cook pregnant?

Marie The Alchemist says:

Jerry is super cute.

Kay Brown says:

That pizza…no ma'am.


Jerry doesn’t know how to mix things in a bowl smh

Loyal Love says:

I am here for uncle Jerry 💞💞💞💞💞💞

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