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No yeast bread in 30 minutes:
You have been wanting to do homemade bread but There is no yeast at your local store ? Or maybe you simply do not have time to do a traditional bread recipe ? you are at the right place. In this video I will share with you these 2 foolproof quick bread recipes made in 30 minutes one for rolls and the other one to make a loaf of Bread.
Both of these recipes are made with simple ingredients that will need no yeast, no proofing, no kneading to have a delicious bread in 30 minutes. This quick and easy bread recipe in 30 minutes is sure to be a crowd pleaser!
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INGREDIENTS for rolls:

warm water (100ml)
( if you are plant based: use pea milk for best results) (100ml warm milk and add 1tbsp vinegar if using plant based milk)
olive oil (50ml)
sugar (20g )
1/2 to 1 tsp salt depending on your taste
baking powder (10 g)
bread flour if possible (310g)

let the milk and vinegar form a buttermilk by letting them curd for a few minutes

In a bowl put water and milk add oil and sugar salt and baking powder
Mix thoroughly
Add the flour and mix again

The dough will rapidly become tacky, it should not be too dry otherwise the dough will be more dense
Cover it with cling wrap and let it rise 10 minutes in an oven with a bowl of boiling water underneath

fold it unto itself in the bowl until it is detached from the bowl ( no not add flour) while scraping from the bowl)

Add a small amount of Flour your working station and the dough fold the dough unto itself 2-3 times then form a log lightly not over working the dough

Weigh the dough and cut it in the # of pieces you want this will yield about 10 medium size breads 0r 15-20 small breads

Form a boule/ball doing circular motions in the hand

Form a ball or a traditional oblong shape with this fast bread recipe

Flattened the ball lightly using your thumbs on both sides leaving the centre fuller, and fold it 2-3 times on itself with each fold, digging the fingers in the dough to create an edentition finish the shaping by rolling it slightly in a oblong or cigar shaped bread by flattening the ends and leaving the middle part thicker you can also leave it as a ball and cut it on top

Bake in a pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes at 375*F) the baking time will depend on the size of your bread, the smaller it is, the quicker it will bake, the larger it is the longer it will take to bake thoroughly if you tap on the bottom of the bread it should sound hollow
Let cool on a rack enjoy this scrumptiously easy no yeast bread in 30 minutes recipe

No Yeast Vegan Bread

Dry Ingredients
4 cups flour
1/4 -1/2 cup sugar
2 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp salt

Wet Ingredients
* 2 1/2 cups dairy free milk, warmed
* 2 tbspvinegar,
* 1/4 cup oil
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Pour vinegar into warmed dairy free milk. Let sit for 5 minutes (this makes vegan buttermilk).
In a large bowl, add all your dry ingredients. Stir together with a spatula. Pour the oil into the buttermilk mixture.
Make a well in the middle of the bowl.
Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients.
Fold until well incorporated. Do not overmix.
Pour in 2 greased bread pans to bake faster but if you prefer you can pour into one to have a bigger loaf
Place in oven for 20minutes for a small loaf and 30-35 minutes for a big one or until blade inserted comes out clean.


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frum it up says:

You have 30 minutes? then you can make thiese 2 delicious easy bread no yeast no kneading recipe!s! With what will you eat it? I like to eat this bread toasted with jam when it’s a loaf or as dinner rolls for supper! The children love them! Stay safe and blessed ❤️Sara Malka❤️

destroyraiden says:

wow it's so simple I actually want to try this. For dairy free milk do you recommend Rice Milk or another type like Soy or Coconut? Cuz using Ricemilk in things does change the results alot I think it's more watered down then others but to me it's a neutral flavor on things.

Elissa Cudnyj says:

I can’t believe this!! No yeast!! Yay!!! Once again, made to look so super easy! Will try this for sure!! Thank you my dear friend! 💕💕

DSM IV says:

That is such great recipes: the second one is too easy seriously! If I want to make the recipe with yogurt: would it work?

Johnny Cohen says:

PS the blooper was so funny😂! Seriously what a great creator this Sylvano!lol!

Johnny Cohen says:

Sarah Malka I cannot get over how in 30 minutes the loaf of bread looks so professional! Thank you for these recipes!

faigie2002 says:

R we allowed to use this for Shabbat?

Professor Michel says:

Ok Sarah this is amazing! 2 no yeast bread recipes in video! And in 30 minutes! Wow 😳 Thank you so much!

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