Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes : Christmas Apple Cooler Drink Recipe

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Make popular holiday drinks for yourself, family, and friends! Learn how to make this Christmas Apple Cooler Drink recipe with expert tips in this free video.

Expert: Kelly Blanco
Bio: Kelly Blanco grew up helping her parents in the kitchen of the restaurant they owned.
Filmmaker: Wesley Summers

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Jemima Hughes says:

Thank u a xmas drink NO alcahol thank make some more drink that the hole family can drink

thejudz1 says:

thx, the drink is delicous!!!

Zero Puff says:

What part was fun? you just mix stuff and drink?

Rosella Morsell says:

Guys here's my drink invention : Mix Apple juice with Mango and Banana juice.
And there you go!

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bodmondude says:

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CiLLhouette says:

Ohh! I like the idea of adding the Sprite =)

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