Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drink Recipes : Egg Nog for One Recipe

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Make popular holiday drinks for yourself, family, and friends! Learn how to make this Egg Nog for one recipe with expert tips in this free video.

Expert: Kelly Blanco
Bio: Kelly Blanco grew up helping her parents in the kitchen of the restaurant they owned.
Filmmaker: Wesley Summers

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Nicolas Khan says:

can you speak louder

Dini Din says:

Everyone's being so damn complaining about eating raw eggs. You fckin ate half cooked meat how is that fine? Meat contains wayy more bacteria than other food. Stupid.

sarkylarky says:

Ay, youre as beautiful as actress Halley Berry.

ThatPerthFan says:

its a quarter you fucking americans. Not ONE FOURTH. -.-

Ketty Chang says:

that is so easy to make :)

MIssy G says:

raw egg "cooked gently?" That means there cooked!

Dark Soldier says:

I think she's cute, but I wouldn't trust her cooking.

zahra shah says:

The comment about using brown sugar as opposed to regular sugar for its healthiness is absolutely hilarious. Brown sugar is regular sugar it just has a powdered molasses mixed into it that's why it's brown. That's what brown sugar is sugar with molasses

Ashley Allison says:

Apparently you're uneducated because you don't die from consuming raw egg…Health freaks do it all the time

Ben Hed says:

I'd just cook it to make sure.

stephen hall says:

i feel stupid for not reading any of the comments jk totally jk you have to be completely ignorant to go through with this after reading these comments plus this is just common sense

stephen hall says:

uhhhhh i dont feel so good.>.<

Nancy Khuu says:

If you're so paranoid, get pasteurized eggs so there will be no risk of salmonella.
And it's true that lots of eggs have salmonella on them, but that's why you have something called the immune system. There isn't enough bacteria on most egg to make you sick. and don't give raw unpasteurized eggs to children and the elderly. Good?

Partisan Black says:

And you just got salmonella for not killing the bacteria the egg contains. ENJOY!

Partisan Black says:

Obviously, you've never seen an egg shell under a microscope. An egg shell is like a mesh fence. Bon appetite!

HanazawaEternalIce says:

you can buy eggs that have been tested for diseases usually they have a stamp on the shell and a label on the box.

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