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There are few things better in the world than biting into a hot pork pie and having the luscious savoury jelly dribble down your chin. I call these pies ‘northern-style’ to differentiate them from Melton Mowbray pork pies which are always served cold. The northern pies are also excellent cold, but the hot option makes them truly special.

The written/printable version of this recipe is here:


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George Tempest says:

One thing I need to get off my chest – minced pork… I really try my hardest to support the local butcher and green grocer by not buying meat and veg in the super markets, but the performance I get here in Tintagel is outright stupid. "No, we don't sell that normally" "You need to pre-order it at lest 2 days before" "You have to buy 1 Kg minimum" I did go through all that rubbish and the woman plonked a frozen kilo of minced pork on the counter… I had the same when I lived in Wadebridge, looks like the Cornish don't eat minced pork? When I ask them how the hell they make their sausages, I just get a blank stare, I give up and will buy a decent mincer soon.

George Tempest says:

I love everything Northern, especially because my girlfriend is from Darwen in Lancashire. I am in a bit of a dilemma, many years ago I saw a tv program about traditional Northern cooking and they made some pork roast in a Porcetta style with lots of fresh parsley and onions rolled up in pork. It suppose to be a very typical dish in a certain place, but my brain's gone soft and I can't remember the name, wanted to surprise my Lancashiregal with a special dish when I see her next time in New Zealand.

KayakTN says:

I've had this once. Nana made them when we visited her home in Middlesbrough many decades ago. They don't make this kind of stuff in rural Tennessee.

Looks promising. Thanks, Keith.

Jarred Cramer says:

I'm definately gonna try this. I'm from South Africa and the pork pie I see here at the shops are so damn expensive. Is there anything I can substitute the lard with?

Rich Thomas says:

I'm sorry…did you say Steak and Kidney puddings? Have you posted a recipe for these?!!? If not, DO IT!

Edit: Never mind…found it!

MikePlaysIt says:

Moistened rims aye?

A.James Reilly says:

I like pie !

Barbara Rey says:

Thank you so much for including the amount in cups etc for us Yankees I really appreciate it. I'm going to make this it looks delicious.

Amy Forbes-Richardson says:

I'm so glad i found this video, my husband is from Newcastle and i'm Australian. I have never had a pork pie at all, but he loves them :)

Gerry Rowan says:

Thanks Keef, found the lard and knocked up a monster pie, out drinking wine while it cools, I am favouring the jelly option.

Gerry Rowan says:

I am going to have a bash at them today, if I can find lard, I have never seen it here in Malaysia .

nina garbo says:

trying to make them today

Hector Diaz-Albiter says:

Just discovered your channel Keef. I'm actually making Scotch pies with my friend here in Mexico (I live in Glasgow) for my folk to try. I have been browsing the webs to try to get the best hotel water pastry and came across you. Loved your commentary. You have a new subscriber.

michael mccarthy says:

looks good….my grandmother used to make pork pies being from England, so i am going to make some mmm super good…Add a little dill weed…

Jo Ann Somers says:

Keith, Thank you for the wonderful vid. I plan to make pork pies for the extended family for Christmas.  I will have to do as much ahead as possible so as not to use all my cooking time on the day of on only one product.  I have two questions. How thick should I roll the dough? Can the dough be put in the individual dishes and frozen ahead of time? 
 Regards from Mississippi,
Jo Ann

Mark Fulton says:

I'd never made hot water pastry before but I bought a springform baking tin with a loose base and these pies are a thing of beauty I can feel my waistline expanding I've had 2 today if you haven't tried these pies you've never lived.

Mark Fulton says:

Go keef!! the rolling stone of pie making.

Matt Rayner says:

Thanks for that keith

Czeshire Cat says:

I often treat pork pies like meat ones and serve them hot with mash and beans, or gravy and chips. Always in the oven, never in the microwave. That's sacrilegious.

michela luisa manfredi says:

loved the commentary…cracked me up :-)

Jimmy Reuben says:

Lovely job Keef. They look fantastic.

John Codling says:

Looked at a few recipes, and have gone for this one . Perfect, I am in The Republic of Georgia, and will be treating the English lads this weekend.

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