NY Steak Kabobs | Grilled Beef Steak Kabobs with Malcom Reed HowToBBQRight

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NY Steak Kabobs | Grilled Steak Kabobs

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This recipe for beef steak kabob is easy and doesn’t require a marinade. The key with these beef steak kabobs is to use a good quality steak. I like to use a New York Strip Steak.

Here is what you need for these New York Strip Steak Kabobs:

– 2 16oz New York Strip Steaks
– 3 Bell Peppers various colors
– 1 Red Onion
– 1 Medium size Yellow Squash
– 1 Medium size Zucchini Squash
– 16oz Whole Mushrooms
– Salt, Pepper, and Montreal Steak Seasoning to taste

Cut Strip Steaks into 4 equal size portions about 4oz each; trim excess fat from edges. Rinse and paper towel dry peppers, onion, and squash.

Slice peppers and onion into equal size portions about 2” square. Slice Squash cross wise into circle shape portions ½” in width.

Use metal or bamboo soaked skewers for assembling steak kabobs. Skewer vegetables and steak pieces alternating each type.

Brush steak kabobs with olive oil and season with salt, black pepper, and Montreal steak seasoning.

Grill kabobs over medium high heat for 16 minutes turning steak kabobs every 4 minutes. During the last 4 minutes of cooking baste with butter mixture.

Butter Baste for Steak Kabobs
– 1 stick Unsalted Butter
– 3-4 Garlic Cloves minced
– ½ teaspoon salt
– ½ teaspoon black pepper
– ½ teaspoon dried parsley

Melt butter in microwave for 1 minute. Add salt, black pepper, and parsley. Stir to combine.

Use as baste for steak kabobs and vegetables.

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Natalie Williamson says:

The prettiest steak kabobs ive seen thus far

Kenneth Stone says:

Vegetable kebabs!!!!’ Nahhhhh 😂😂😂

boogiebabe67 says:

Malcolm, you are my go-to guy for anything grilled. You are the freakin' BEST!

Praise P says:

Ugh im so hungry 😩😫😭

susan krenek says:

The words across hides the food

Clav D says:

Mah man here! NY Strip medium rare. Bruh. Got you a sub hahaha

Whipporwill says:

Nothing good comes from new york. Why would you name it that. 😑

Babs11285 says:

I made this tonight! OMG sooooo good. That garlic butter you put on while the kebobs are cooking is what makes this dish! I used angus beef sirloin though because it was cheaper and had to be a little bit more budget conscious right now.

William Riley says:

WTF…? New York City…???? PLEASE… KANSAS CITY STRIP STEAKS…! 1800's Longhorn Cattle Trails… Mexico & Texas, thru Oklahoma, to the Ablene, Kansas stockyards… and on to a steam locomotive railroad car, then 250 miles east, to thé KANSAS CITY STOCKYARDS…! BTW… Kansas and Colorado STILL maintain some of the largest cattle feedlot operations in the United States…

James Martin says:

We’re getting it narrowed down. He lives close to an airport. Won’t be long we’ll be ready to crash his cookouts!

williamseale says:

I’m proud of Malcolm. Finally cooked something without needing 5 thermometers to do so at least not on camera lol

bad74maverick1 says:

never made Kabobs before. Gonna try it tomorrow.

rebecca kargbo says:

Nice delicious

Greg Turcott says:

If this guy ran for president I would be all for it! I love this guy!

Rick Mol says:

He ain't never had a veggie in his life

Dean Wellmer says:

I threw together what ever I had in the bottom drawer of the fridge. Sirloin cubes, yellow squash, mushrooms, purple onion. Smothered everything with olive oil dusted with Montreal seasoning based on your recommendation……………..TURNED OUT GREAT !! I prepped the butter and after every thing started cooking, I really didn't think it needed it. I was right. Thanks for the video, I made a great dinner tonight.

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