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If you have celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or lactose intolerance, oat milk ice cream may be the solution! Our oat milk ice cream recipe uses gluten-free oat milk in place of cream. Bonus: We turn our ice cream base into delicious gluten-free cookies and cream. Once you’ve had your Oreo fix, make our homemade strawberry and shortbread variation that’s equally kind on food allergies (aka, your belly!).

In this episode of Prep School from Thrive Market, Megan Mitchell teaches us how to make homemade ice cream both dairy-free and gluten-free. Dessert is served.

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Get the full how-to → https://thrivemarket.com/blog/2-ways-to-make-dairy-free-and-gluten-free-oat-milk-ice-cream
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Chris Mic says:

Is there a way to make it without an Ice Cream machine?

J says:

Megan outstanding great outstanding again.. my Wife is a breast cancer survivor she cant have diary , Gluten or sugar. You are a Blessing. Praying for you and your Husband. Keep smiling!

Sindy Ydnis says:

The lady in the background is always flipping papers and or touching her phone while cooking. OMG!!!! No please don’t … oh ok she just touched her nose.

ging cen says:

How about chocolate and strawberries. 😋

mobaby1979 says:

I made this recipe last night in a 1 pint machine and you are SO right – it’s amazing!! So amazing that I had to order the Kitchenaid 2 quart stand mixer attachment for when guests are over and I need to make more. Oh and a 4 pack of those SUMO long-scoop freezer containers. Look what you started (thanks!!) – love your sense of humor and I’m gonna check out some of your other videos later! Byeeeee thx!

James Peto says:

Dairy free using eggs?????????????

Suzanne Reeder says:

You are so fun to watch, I keep waiting for you to burst out in uncontrollable laughter. I got my ice cream machine put in the freezer-hope I make it today, thank you so much, you're a jewel.

stuart bedford says:

The best Oat Milk is home made, 4 cups of water 1 and a 1/4 cups of Organic Oats. and blend.
Sieve through a nylon stocking. Just incase you didn't know, Sugar is a Carcinogen. use honey.

Gabby Price says:

Never once did the title say vegan. Good lord please read just because y’all assume don’t mean that’s the creators fault this is a recipe for those who read the title and are not vegan. Smh. Vegans are so annoying sometimes.

Camille Taylor says:

Aren't eggs considered dairy.

Pamis Punk says:

Looks great 😍. That milk is not available in my country, do you think that if I do my own oatmilk the result is going to be the same?

Andrea 10 says:

The amount of "vegan comments" I'm reading here are hilarious and some very ignorant as well, smh.

Ryan H says:

"So good" "so good" "sooo good"

Talise Wickham says:

Idk what I did wrong :’) once in the freezer after the ice cream machine my ice cream is like a solid lump and impossible to scoop :’(

Finn McCool says:

I'm requesting a year end wrap up blooper reel mash up vid. I think that I should suggest this on a more recently posted episode of Prep School. Nother great one!

Meila Peterson says:

Why put dairy free in the title just to add eggs….

Daniella Cordova says:

This actually looks like ice cream instead of some smoothie looking banana icecream

Anna K says:

Oh… I forgot about the eggs. I thought this was going to be a plant-based recipe. :-( Can't have eggs. Can't have dairy. Can you demonstrate a plant-based version of this?

Yellowness says:

Love this, exactly what I was looking for, Thank you.

Phoebe O'Donnell says:

U can also use oatly custard to skip out on the eggs

Phoebe O'Donnell says:

Ok I want to try to make an unsweetened dairy free ice cream that I can use in substitute for a non dairy yogurt + top with granola and fruit for breakfast

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