Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pie | I Heart Recipes

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Here is a recipe for Buttermilk Pie. This is a favorite among many southern households, and is perfect for the upcoming holidays( Thanksgiving, Christmas, Et…

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HellthyJunkFood says:

Oh my my this ole buttermilk pie looks so yummy in my tummy and it doesn’t
look dry… this would go good with some whiskey and I… just might have
to give this a try

sinatre34 says:

<----------New sub. 

Sabrina Crumpler says:

I’m going to try it soon, looks delicious :) love all your recepies. 

blkbarbie0 says:

I just luv ur channel Rosie , u r the bomb dot com

helen burnett-davis says:


Kim Stevens says:

In New England we call it custard pie. I have never made one homemade but
it does look good. 

sadiejosiemom says:

My grandma used to make a Lemon Chess pie that was similar to this. Growing
up, we always had buttermilk in the fridge for drinking, baking or
crumbling your cornbread into!

TheQueenLioness100 says:

I will be cooking this one for the holidays. Rosie do you have a lemon
chess pie or lemon pie recipe? 

I Heart Recipes says:
karl john says:

i never heard of this pie before…..but DROOL, i like it
another winner Rosie!

Helen Mallazzo says:

In N.Y. we call it custard pie too. We also add coconut to it for a
variation and that we call…….. coconut custard pie. Either one is
great! Thanks Rosie.

Tenzin Zomkyi says:

Your videos are short and descriptive, and not boring! Love it!

Tamara Williams says:

You won my vote there aint’t nothin better than some good old home southern
mouth waterin country cookin from scratch Delicious

Tata Nkuyo says:

That looks really good to me. This is my new holiday pie.

fabrit brat says:

Ok. I’m sick of u.:) I’m trying to lose a few pounds but u just keep
hurting me. I don’t even get a chance to try a recipe before u upload
another. Ugh. It all just looks sooooooooooooooo gud. I love u r channel. U
r beautiful. I want to try all the recipes . U should make a cook book! 

belcollege . says:

I’m drooling everytime I watch your videos. I have a feeling you cook soul
food the way it is suppose to be cooked. I grew up off of this pie and I
never liked it and never ate because I didn’t like the taste. But the way
you cook it, I would definitely eat it. You are the “Real Deal Holifield”

RedDreadHead87 says:

Hi Rosie do you delete your caramel cake recipe? I can’t find it anymore

LoveDaJuice says:

Looks great!!! I will be trying.

Dannie7Starr says:

Do you prefer buttermilk or chess pie? I’ve never been able to tell the

Greg Hunt says:

Rosie, being a Southern boy this is one of my favorite pies to eat
anytime. When I was a kid my mother used to make a buttermilk pie. I was
always worrying her about making one all the time so one day she said, “I’m
going to teach you how to make this pie so you will let me alone.” She
created a monster because everytime she turned around I was making a
buttermilk pie, lolol. I was banished to only one pie per month and it was
for the family and not just me, lol. You’re right. It’s not a pretty pie
but the taste will send you to heaven. Have you ever had a vinegar pie?

Laura Remen says:

I made your cinnamon rolls and GIIIRLLLLL!!!!!! SO amazing… You so rock.
Everyone needs to make these. They are simple and more delicious than you
think… Best right out of the oven… Thanks so much Rosie!!! xoxo

FitAnge S says:

Wow that looks amazing. I have to make this.

annettemint says:

Yes!! I grew up eating this along with coconut custard pie. 

Sweet y Salado says:

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had buttermilk pie, in fact, I hadn’t
heard of it until now. It looks delicious!

TheWolfePit says:

What you talking about RoRo? This is a BEAUTIFUL pie, simple, easy and
delicious! My kinda recipe and deliciousness!!!

TwinGodesses says:


Tata Nkuyo says:

Can you add coconut to this?

OldManCooking says:

Great Job Rosie… Looks Delicious ! :)

Gena Lewis says:

This has been a staple on our table every thanksgiving for years! One of my
favs for sure!

Welcome To Jen's World says:

Your Old Fashioned Buttermilk Pie looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

willydawgs says:

My mom is from the south and I can’t believe I have never had this! OMG, I
am going to make it and eat it all myself. I can actually SMELL it from
your video! BTW, I looked up Chess Pie and it seems to have corn meal in
it, which sounds gross to me, so for those who were wondering if they are
the same, they aren’t. I am making it this weekend! Thanks, Rosie! 

gayle2020 says:

Are you kidding? @1;27- It looks pretty to me, pretty darn good. I will
be trying this recipe when the weather gets cold. :)

Ruthie Perkins says:

Looks good I will try it its almost like egg pie

Jessika White says:

Awesome video as always! I loved the music in this video! But could you use
a Graham cracker crust instead? ;)

Kate Strother says:

This looks amazing! Cant wait to make it tomorrow :)

Aj de Gatorè says:

what toppings would you suggest to go in top, maybe an unsweetened whipped

NESAtariSegaNerd says:

Ohhhhh my! This looks amazing!
I wonder how it would be with eggnog….. Haha
Love your vids, Rosie.

Deena Mack says:

That pie is pretty! it looks delicious!

xXMyCatFredXx says:

Never had buttermilk pie but it looks good

Ki Ad says:

This will be on the table this Thanksgiving

helen burnett-davis says:

is this the same withe egg pie:)

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