Old Fashioned Custard Pie Recipe

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Get the recipe: http://www.amylynnskitchen.com/desserts/oldfashionedcustardpie.html

A delicious, old-fashioned, egg custard pie that has a smooth and creamy texture.

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Jeff P says:

I bet your pie tastes really good! I gotta try that sometime!

Byron Chandler says:

Hi, sweet adorable Amy. That custard looks gorgeous. You are truly one of the sweetest bakers on YouTube with your cute sense of humor and your enthusiasm. What's the best way to make sure your oil is top quality? Have a good day, sweet adorable Amy. Lots of love, sweetie. 💖💖💖🌹 <3

Joel jocelyn raj says:

this is lovely

shelby burke says:

i never cook a pie that hot and they come out good to….little less giggles and more pay attention on recipe that would help..
dont so silly//////.

nana valdez says:

thank :)
but is it ok if i lessen the sugar?

Makaio Aristorenas says:

ur so sweet…

Papa Rocks says:

What if im using a frozen crust, is it the same cooking time or should i let it thaw?

Adrika Rahman says:

Very nice and simple. Thank you

janghoon lee says:

thanks for the tip..the last best and so sweet..

Christina Jenkins says:

Does anyone know how long to bake this?

Elizabeth Khan says:

oh my god i am so proud of your recipe video.

La McKinney says:

Thank you for this easy way. Love the bloopers!

R Stan says:

Easy recipe, like it.

Samantha walker says:

I have mine in the oven now. I added a dash of nutmeg for additional flavor. I just hope it sets up when I take it out of the oven, because currently, it is bubbling.

Jesse Voung says:

My parents always make these for dessert. Like the mini ones, and they taste delicious!

Ron Richo says:

Good recipe and infectious laugh.

Tai Nguyen says:

2 1/2 cups of milk was too much, so much left over batter. Should I reduce next time?

Rebecca Paz says:

hi! i really like to do your recipe but what i have here is 900w microwave oven. I wonder how will i convert the 400 f. Please help.

Stephen John Hall says:

I did it without calling for a fire truck.

GizmoBee1702 says:

Can you add coconut to this to make my very favorite: coconut custard pie?

excolso says:

GREAT tips regarding the foil and especially regarding how to avoid spilling filling on the way to the oven. Wish I had seen this before making a bit of a mess with a bit of a spill while putting a buttermilk pie into the oven today.

Pinpin Ramos says:

what is the temp of the oven?

Richard Null says:

what temp do you set oven for?

eckankar says:

Isn't milk already scalded when it's pasteurized?

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