Old-Time Grilling and Barbecue Recipes

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Good Friends, good Music, and good Food! That’s what Good Livin’ is all about. To all our loyal friends and subscribers -thanks for your many kind words and …

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paul sans says:

A very french fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BarbecueWeb says:

hey charliecheddar23, there are things in life ya just can’t improve on.
One is A1 Steak Sauce. It’s been around since the beginning of time, and
for good reason. We aren’t too proud not to pour on some of that A1! -BBQ
Pit Boys

SlyGamer56 says:

totally awesome bbq goodness!

en3rgieboy says:

isnt charcoal bbq bad for your healthy? it leads to stomach cancer?

jer4703 says:

They should be on TV.They are too good!!! 😛

henrooo says:

I love your videos. What is that sandwich at 0:56 it looks so tasty?

epademik eddins says:

omg!!! those barbecue chicken thighs! @3:04…or lord those look good! man!

ElPasoTV says:

Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel and The BBQ Pit Boys on YouTube are
my fav food shows…

thejoser says:

Man! That’s gotta be one of the greatest music videos in the history of
music videos.. and barbecue! *thumbs up*

jws54 says:

cooler than hell, like American Chopper and ZZ Topp rolled into one honkin’
BBQ machine! I’m waitin’ for the movie!

StarWorldTV says:


BarbecueWeb says:

hey ameliatom99, that’s our Pork Steaks and Beans. watch?v=4GM6BgZgunw Easy
recipe fit for a King’s Sunday BBQ! -BBQ Pit Boys

deezvids says:

Damn, this all looks delicious! My friend & I are putting together a BBQ on
Memorial Day – thanks in advance for these real good recipes!!

MarcusAuyrelius says:

Serious! Want one also. A resolution of 1920 x 1200 would be nice 😀 And
you could print that one on your shirts also, keep the fire blazin!

Elina Perätalo says:

I hate you! now i’m hungry as hell! 😛

bmlewis85 says:

i love this show

piratejenny66 says:

ah, my stomach just went to Memphis baby! awesome – I am SO blogging this…

Ironwode says:

Your TeXas Chili recipe is the BEST. Made it 2 times, so far… Mmmm Guud!
BTW–Who makes the grille do you use in the vids?

Wess0N says:

Ohhhh GOD!!!!! This was my best subsription ever! After I got into the
stuff I caught myself watching your videos all night! Now I just wanna do
every single BBQ at the same time I can’t choose which one to try first!
:-) Keep the flame up Pit Boys, this thing you do is a treasure for
mankind! P.S.: Can I download the starting picture in your videos from
somewhere? (The one where the 4 of you are standing next to the grill) I
wanna set it as a wallpaper, it is damn cool! :-)

mes5961 says:

GREAT COOKS EQUALS GREAT EATS! Wish I had just a quarter of the BBQ
knowledge you fellows have!Looking forward to see what you’ll cook up this
year. Ya’ll have a good’un!!

jws54 says:

damn if you guys ain’t the Kings of Sweden ,France, Spain,and all points in
between, up and down every coast, and places I ain’t never seen

FightTheNWOtv says:

gotta love that good old american cooking baby! Tastes good don’t it! these
guys remind me of my grandpa 😉

SlopTV says:

i think you’re confused, en3rgieboy. It’s Tofu that leads to stomach
cancer. BBQ leads to a long and good life! lol

katrin15 says:

Men that can feed a woman!!!

epademik eddins says:

this so so so so so so so guuud!!!! you pit boys keep them flames on the
grill burning! cuz i love all of these videos!

Tones4me1 says:

I’ve got my BBQ stiletto’s on and ready to grill! Some blues and brew and
good friends too! Got it all goin’ on!

takiakitsoujie says:

love for the meat!

slyflight says:

I just discovered that Blue house blues w/ RTO horns are right here in my
area! And they’re always jammin’ somewhere near!…Lucky me.

xt660r says:

I never felt so hungry!

Zmairo says:

That looks good! Luv watchin’ your vids! the best on Youtube

FreddieBear1 says:

Love the food, love the song, love it all!! My bbqshoes always on!!

pji1979 says:

Man, I just ran out for some bbq chicken because of this video. Five starts!

BarbecueWeb says:

thanks ward185 for those kind words. we try to answer all our emails but we
have been getting behind with those replies, or plain just can’t keep up.
YT email system is getting better, although some emails have been lost. If
we don’t get back to right away, then email us again. we’ll eventually
figure this whole YT email thing out. -BBQ Pit Boys

norwegiangangsta says:

i think the americans are the best ”bbq-boys” 😛

SharkInc says:

Man this is making wish i could just snatch the stuff in the video and turn
them real *drooling* :))))

Yozi6414 says:

I love the bbq pit boys! Man I am glad I am not a vegetarian. (lol)

Roger Moore says:

I’m loving BBQ all over again.

BarbecueWeb says:

the boys would be proud to post a pic for your wallpaper…give us a few
days to get it up on the website. check back! -BBQ Pit Boys

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