One-Pot Vegan Dinners

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Passionate Paintress says:

keep up the good work….#noSoy no Yeast #Yayus!!!!

Thyroidless Lex says:

All of these legit look delicious!!!

Marjiya Islam says:

Spinach!😑I mean seriously!!

Ush Sam says:

What portable stove is used in the video?

banen T.V says:

هذا رائع طعام طيب ولذيذ انه جدا جدا صحي.

danax2007 says:

Carbs… Carbs…. and Carbs… 😔

Gayatri g says:

If only i could put my spoon thru the screen and dig in ..

Joe Haddad says:

Trying the first one tonight. Thanks Tasty ❤

Frances Cramer says:

Can anyone tell me what that appliance is that's being used? And where to find it? I hate my regular cooker and would totally use something like this for quick cooking (and yes I know it's been sped up too lol)

Vijay Badri says:

Very awesome vegan recipes!!!!!

laila nazari says:

Wow thats amazing! Can you please comment/link below the name of that mini stove/cook top that you're creating these delisious recipes. Thank you

QueenChas says:

Number 2 and 3 look fabulous!

alaa // says:

can i use water instead of veggie stock in the mushroom stroganoff?

Jasmine Rhys says:

Thank you for these! I just recently gave up meat. All I've been able to tolerate are occasional meals involving shrimp or stuffed crab. I'm never going back. Last year my tastebuds started changing and meat started tasting feral and it made me sick. So slowly I worked it out of my diet and wow. I feel so much better. Have always loved vegetables so this isnt as hard as I thought. My only sadness was the thought of giving up the smokey goodness of bacon. Discovered vegan bacon….uhhh…Houston we are a GO!! 😆❤

TheIronPicaxe 07 says:

It is not called a curry soup it is called a Laska
Not Alaska just Laska

Ariel Wilkerson says:

The fffirst two sounds bomb! 😍 I aint even vegam!

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