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Sneha Sharma says:

Plz add option for vegetarians too without egg ones

Ultra Diamond says:

I’m here before 100 dislikes 🤗

Xiaozhong Le says:

4 minutes in…
40 minutes to go…

Cooldudes07 says:

13:00 just imagine eating the leftover crumbs😮😮😮😮

prof.linkachu_of_hyrule says:

WHY does it have to be this "Song" for a 45 minute video

Maya Garver says:

I’m sick with the stomach bug and I can’t eat anything besides Gatorade and crackers and I just finished the video now I want cookies but I can’t eat anything!! 😢

Seyoum Mareno says:

Could u"ll do one of us I draw u cook vids they r so amazing

Silk Slow says:

i got halfway through this video and realized Tasty dose their homework. With the judgemental eye of a chief, they have my appreciation.

Tanyawaalder Official says:

I best you can’t finish this video without getting hungry leave a like if you can👅👅👄👄🍪🍪🍪🍪🥠🥠🍪🍦🍦🥧🥧🍫🍫🍰🍰🍿🍿🍰🎂🎂🍨🍨🥛🍽🍽🍽🍽🍽

Cooking Life says:

Welcome to my channel~https://youtu.be/92AvYv6j9R0

lawrence barrett says:

Love how kid was helping at one point😊😊

Onehappiness Happy says:

ugh I wanna eat them. they look delicious.

Mia Aragon says:

😂 am I the only person who watched the full 44 minutes ha

Izzy BrushItOff says:

Hey guys wanna make Oreo cream, powder sugar, milk, butter, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

Jaspriya Lall says:

Best video EVER!!!!

rob bobby says:

Fire your child labour force they fucking suck

neil smith says:

Love your cool cooking skills

buttery butter says:

Nice recipes

Shela Marie Sarmiento says:

delicious cookies

Akhira Bobbitt says:

Love 💕 tasty 😋 productions so much and I love there vegan 🌱 and meat 🥩 recipes

Dream says:

Saw the whole thing. They looked amazing.

EnderFive5 says:

I realized I was liking most of your videos so I just stopped and subscribed

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