Oven Baked Beef Brisket Made Easy and Simple

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Our oven baked brisket is simple, easy, and great for the Holidays. I find it is an excellent alternative to turkey which often I get tired of. It is a basic combination of of spices and vegetables. Cooked low and slow the outcome is out of this world. Everyone will love this brisket.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Ubiquitous says:

Lovely. I would have to cut the fat off after cooking though, the fat is the real killer. Heart attack on a plate but necessary for the cooking for that juiciness.

Merle Charge says:

Wow now that looks easy, thanks for this recipe 👏👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Anonymous says:

I look forward to making this delicious brisket tomorrow 😋
Thank you Tracey 😊

Griselda Acuña says:

Hola..cocinalo al revés .para que la grasa le suelte más sabor a tu carne. Va ha ser mejor chucky (sabor..) de hermosillo.sonora.mex..cuidense..mucho..Saludos… la Cheff

DiMa says:

It is the third time I am doing this recipe and it is always a success . Thank you David for easy,tasty and
down to earth cooking .Only a few more subscribes to reach 1.000.000 subscribers!!!!!

Willo says:

Dave. Is the brisket the same as the ones for corned beef?

SandManJono 123 says:

Dave – doesn’t the meat go cold letting it stand for so long or will the hot sauce ‘warm it up’ ???

Barbara Pinto says:

Yummy and great video. Thank you

BLNM says:

looks perfect

liberty Ann says:


Jonathan K says:

What temperature?

John Pontaoe says:

a small brisket out of the oven in a couple hours? love it! could cut off some of the fat while its resting and save for further cooking

Bob Smith says:

just what I was looking for, thank you.💖

Gayle Kemper says:

Why leave the fat on? I cut it off

Zoila Hernandez says:

😋 delicioso

L C says:

This is a home run. One of the most amazing meat dishes I've ever made. The family loves it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Michael Esralian says:

The only thing I would do differently is trim off the layer or FAT after it is done cooking. Who wants to eat a layer of pure fat unless you are an Eskimo or Paula Dean?

Norah Sanders says:

I have made this a few times its a go to recipe easy and tasty. Thanks

Mary Rosette Image 101 says:

Thank you. This will be my New Year dinner ❤️🙏

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