Pan Seared Cod Fillet-How To Properly Fry Cod Fillet -Two Easy and Quick Fish Recipes- Pan Fried Cod

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Pan Seared Cod -Two Easy and Quick Fish Recipes.How To Properly Fry Cod Fillet – Pan Fried Cod
Fry cod fillet properly in the pan – 2 simple & quick fish recipes-fried cod fillet. Here is the list of ingredients for these 2 delicious fish fillet recipes.
700 g of cod fillet – 2 fish fillets – each fillet weighed 350 g
600 g boiled potatoes as a side dish
60 ml white wine
80 g butter
1 lemon
1 clove of garlic
4 stalks of fresh parsley – cut into small pieces
4 sheets of kitchen paper to pat dry the fish
4 tbsp heaped tablespoons of flour
for frying olive oil – or another oil of your choice
to season salt and pepper to your own taste

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Dianne Dutton says:

Love the recipes. Hate the music.

Anonymous says:

I fried up 2 large Cod Fish, they turned out delicious πŸ˜‹ 😜

Thank you Tracey 😊

Thomas Tan says:

This is not cod fish hello?!?!?

Sandra Gawinski says:

A great recipe, especially quick and easy and so tasty.. love the simple tutorial without comments, worked for me, nice job so of course, subscribed, simple, and just perfect!

Jim Bob says:

Oily, barely fried potatoes.. Yumm /s

Eddee What says:

Yum & so simple with great introduction πŸ‘πŸ½ You should have eaten the little clumsy piece πŸ˜ƒ

Kass Arthur says:

Where do I get one o those wide flippers for the fish?

Billy Scott says:

Awesome job! I'm fixing this tonight!

Nemo says:

how long after flipping it do we take it out?

SpclOps20 says:

Tried this last night . . . It was amazing!!!!! The recipe is fast, simple and incredibly delicious! I will be making this regularly! ☺️

Romelia Armstrong says:

Tks i like πŸ‘

Dylan says:

Don't forget to clean your kitchen folks. Most important part of both recipes

Daniela Biscaro says:

Great recipie!!! Thank you! I will do it this evening!!

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