PASTA SANTA CLAUS CHRISTMAS ! ! ! ! italian recipes

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Ciao Ciao my Amores, Cusine of Italy or most famous italian cusine.. πŸ’β€ΌπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

Welcome to our Italian kitchen.
Signores and Signoritas, welcome to our table, for breakfast or for lunch or dinner (it’s up to you).

Today we will prepare a fantastic incredible delicious PASTA SANTA CLAUS CHRISTMAS aka italian babbo natale, delicious dinner or lucnh, italian food, recipes cooking.

Here you want to surprise guests and cook them a pasta recipes for Christmas, they will immediately begin to ask you Christmas recipes or simple recipes, how to make, yummy pasta, yummy recipes.

Well how to make a tasty pasta, how to cook tasty recipes, italian recipes cooking, yummy recipes, tasty recipes, easy recipes, food recipes, quick and easy recipe, pasta, recipe, recipes, cooking, food, delicious, quick and easy, recipe ,food recipe, dinner,lunch,dinner recipes,tasty food,cook,pasta recipes,pasta recipe,italian recipes, food recipes, lunch recipes, how to cook, easy recipes, noodles recipes, noodles, italian food recipes, tasty recipes. Today well take a snacks for school. Finally we make bussfeed tasty, Buzzfeedtasty,italian food, buzzfeedtasty.
⬇⬇ Pasta recipes ⬇⬇ or pasta recipes ⬇⬇ or italian christmas recipes
πŸ”΄ #1-Take all the ingredients :
πŸ”΄ #2 – Cut the mozzarella, the beard and the beanie :
πŸ”΄#3 – Cut olives for eyes and mouth :
πŸ”΄ #4 – Fry the garlic in oil :
πŸ”΄ #5 – Add tomato paste :
πŸ”΄#6 – Cook pasta, less than half the time :
πŸ”΄#7 – Add the rocket to the tomato sauce, salt :
πŸ”΄#8 – Mix the pasta with the sauce :
πŸ”΄#9 – Put the pasta in the form and decorate with mozzarella
πŸ”΄#10-Put in the oven for 5-10 minutes :
πŸ”΄#11-take Out and serve, delicious ready :

πŸ•’Cooking is quick, as always, all about 30 minutes.
watch cooking videos.

My Amores, our tasty dinner is ready, Buon Appetito to everybody 😍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a lot for joining our big Italian family, where everybody loves to cook and surely to eat TASTY FOOD on a silver grandma’s plates.

P.S. There are only two things that italians can do endlessly – drinking coffee and discussing FOOD.

Well, our new-born italian boys and girls, our italian kitchen is always open for you. Welcome and be our guests. And for sure all the food made here is always delicious and the mood is hot like Italy itself. Your super hot and tasty channel Ciao spaghetti.

We cook with passion.
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