Pastalaya recipe

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Easy as making Jambalaya

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Haley Mueller says:

Thanks for the recipe! We added shrimp and used lots of Tony’s! Turned out great :)

DaylightRobberyCA says:

Congrats on hitting 50,000 subscribers JB you rock brother

Jurgen Mootz says:

Wow JB. You never fail to come through. Still making your recipes from Nashville, TN. Makes me miss my roots of LA. YUM BOY!!!!!! Thanks for another great meal.

skoggit says:

Going to try this!  Looked delicious!  Might do a version of it, My Way!  I think anyway it is made it will be good!  Another great video!  Take Care!

LoneWolfSigma says:

An oldie…but a Goodie!!!!

Just Here says:

This will be the only pastalaya recipe I'll be trying. Man I've seen people bring this to parties and i'D TAKE ONE LOOK AT IT AND SAY i'M NOT EATING THAT sh*t Thanks for sharing a recipe we all know will be awesome! Sorry for the caps my bad.

Bob Loblaw says:

HEY JB! How are you bro? I learned how to make Jambalaya from you with rice ut my wife and kids are just huge pasta fans. I have GOT to make this with pasta from scratch! So happy that you've documented one from scratch!!! Thanks man! PS- You just gotta love the little conversation between your granddaughter and grandma at 2:07! Stuff like that just sets your vids apart from the others. Thanks again JB!

Cal Brown says:

Looks delicious I'm going to try this .

Tango Joe says:

Right on JB, nicely done and very informative.
It's been forever since we have had Pastalaya around here so I best get in the kitchen!

act6629 says:

Johnsonville smoked sausage and hillshire farm smoked sausage…..union or nonunion?

Carl Gilmore says:

What is the trinity you talking about. Up north here I've never heard of it??? Thanks

John Floy says:

Going to try and make this tonight JB! Nice work sir 😉

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