Perfect Lamb Chops – 5 Do's & Don'ts | Christine Cushing

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I show how to perfectly cook lamb rib and loin chops in a cast iron pan very simply with my 5 Dos & Don’ts. To french or not to french? See why I don’t use any oil in cast iron pan and how to know when they are cooked. Served with freshly chopped mint, vin cotto or pomegranate molasses and roasted grapes.

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Jerry LeeLewis says:

I’d get all up in them lambs girl!

Max Smith says:

Mint sauce and lamb chops, that's what we have in the UK/

Leelavathi Kosuri says:

That's really great food πŸ‘

Maria Fokas says:

Bravo from Greece :-)

Clint Westwood says:

Instant sub after you added the grapes, mint and sauce. Gorgeous

Alan George Barstow says:

I love you, Christine! 😘 I've been telling chefs for years to stop French trimming lamb chops; they are removing all the best flavour and making it look like a long-dead carcass! I love whole lamb chops; pick them up and suck them. "The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat; pick it up with your fingers, and enjoy the full treat."

Jay Bingham says:

0:53 "french the rack…french the chops…what does frenching mean?" Well, my interest and hand went up immediately. Then I was extremely disappointed to see that chop miss out on a good tongue kiss. My day has been ruined. I'm going back to bed.

Little Acorns says:

Awesome recipe I’m gonna try today ..πŸ‘β€οΈ

Raven Williams says:

I love the style and decor in your kitchen!!

Eduardo Martinez says:

I just made some lamb chops. First time I make them. Wish I could send a picture. Thanks. Time to go try them.

George Finlay says:

Can ask what are erbs, are you trying to say herbs!!

MilletteKish says:

Incredible demonstration and thank you for all the GREAT details.

Gold says:

Mommy is making lamb chops for Easter yay …

Jim Burns says:

Thank you Christine for making my favorite meat , Lamb. Unfortunately no one else in my family will even try it! Needless to say I don’t get to eat it very often!

Winict Maximus Cosmo says:

salt, pepper and what is the last one?? i couldn't catch it

Gilbert L says:

Awesome video, subscribed! I love that laugh at 9:14

LM Mayberry says:

As I crawl thru the screen to help you with that

hallo basan says:


wyb says:



mee mee the cat says:


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