Perfect Pork Chops

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The most flavorful pork chops you will ever have!

1.Preheat pan to medium-high heat
2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees
3. Season with salt, pepper and any spice of your choice
4. Add oil to pan (avocado or olive oil!)
5. Sear on 1 side for 2.5 min
6. Flip and sear on other side for 1 minute
7. Add salad dressing
8. Place in oven for approx 10 mins
9. Remove from oven
10. Rest, serve, enjoy!

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Richie Calloway says:

I like his cooking technique, but just couldn't get past his handling the pepper mill as well as the oil bottle right after he handled the raw pork!! Not a very food safe move!!

Wendy Muir says:

Is there something else you can use instead of vinaigrette?

TheMysticCraft86 says:

Ever heard of transference? Completely contaminated the salt by touching it with pork fingers. Can you say salmonella? This 'chef' would be a joke if he wasn't so dangerous. You're going to kill somebody!

Blue Collar Men Productions says:

I got scared he would cut his finger off for some reason

Jon Malkemus says:

How should you adjust cooking times if the pork has been thawed out?

J D says:

What about the sauce in the pan? That’s liquid gold! It’s essentially a pork jus. Why put extra salad dressing over the top, when you could have jus?

Diana says:

the irony, kosher salt on pork

Balanced Life Coaching with Renée Riley-Adams says:

Great video! I feel confident now in terms of cooking pork chops. YAY.

Unbroken Hammer says:

I followed this almost exactly. Except I added catalina dressing. Never did it before, but it was really good. I poured all the carmelized dressing on the meat. Really good!

Chad Winters says:

can you rest it in the cast iron or would it be too hot and keep cooking it?

Samantha Price says:

Just got my first box today.. I am looking forward to trying this method for cooking the beautiful chops.mmmmmmmm

Heather Styers says:

What’s the recipe for the vinaigrette for the pork chops?

Teri Skyonetv says:

I received my ButcherBox today and immediately looked up this pork recipe. I made my pork right from frozen just like this recipe…ON POINT👍👍 husband says. Thank you. Extremely helpful.

TexFlix says:

Thanks! Just got some pork chops from Slanker (great on line ordering… no subscription necessary) and I will use this recipe!

Cindy Weeks says:

These videos are great, if you actually get these cuts in your box! I usually get ground pork. Have not a clue what to do with it and feel my boxes, except for the first one, are way over priced. I will be discontinuing my subscription!

john barton says:

He just put his dirty fingers in the bowl of salt after touching the pork. Big no no

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