Perfectly Pan Seared Lamb

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How to make lamb the right way stress free.


Ig: Chefs_State_of_Mind
Twitter: We_Play_Guitar

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Tru Kween Skin kissed by the Sun says:

Great job but I need all my meat well done… I only want to see juices flowing not blood 😉

Atid Mata BenIsrael says:

Bro did u wash the lamb tho??

Steven Madray says:

Dimitrius ain’t that a lot of salt😂

Haytham Magdi says:

I'm your 1000th sub. Congrats 😁

Man Lil says:

Pls reupload with Audio and cutting into meat tq

Daunte Turner says:

Classic voice bro lol I know you get that all the time!

Tierra Roundtree says:

Cant even hear you

Malek Mustafa says:

Very helpful thank you! Hope youre doing good

Janice Martinez says:

Can’t hear you!

Jasmin Flower says:

Thank you for the butter idea.. And you could have rendered the lamb fat by standing the lamb on its side and cooking the fat until it was browned and rendered, yummy. 😉

Maria Ward says:

EXTRAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! to death

Christine Taddeo says:

Great instruction … yes the audio was poor … but I learned what I need to know.. TY.

Mark Smith says:

I heard every thing with my 64 year old ears on a stock iPad without earphones. Granted it could have been a litter louder, I guess my loud Classic Rock and Rock didn’t damage me. Douche bag puller…..LOL. I’m serving this Easter. Good video my friend.

Daphne Rodriguez says:


Maurice Locs says:

How u say u dont want anything wel;l done then say u wana cook your 🐔 that way !!!

Bryan Badass Dass says:

nice vid but the sound of the meat was overpowering your voice

James Casey says:

great video. bro set e up right to have some banging ass lamb chops lol

Ingrids Mind Garden says:

I wish i could hear you better! Good job though :)

KristophTy Gaming says:

Dope video man

Nature Imposter says:

dude I have the volume turn all the way up on my headphones and my phone and I can't even hear you sounds like you're whispering nice video though I guess

Robert G Gee Boggs, Jr. says:

Wonderful recipe. They turned out delicious!

Robert G Gee Boggs, Jr. says:

Okay, the audio was not perfect, but I could hear well enough to be able to absorb and enjoy the video. I'm cooking your recipe now and it looks and smells awesome. Keep doing these videos to help ignorant folks like me!

Franklin Allen says:

No sound bro.

D. Anthony says:

Looked the video bitthe CHEAPEST SOUND EVER

Mica Cook says:

Hey can we use garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, thyme, ect…? I love flavor when I'm cooking.

Mica Cook says:

Looks very good. I wish I could hear better. Lol dude you are so animated. Loving it.

33605pgood says:

Easily among some of the best vids on cooking med rare meat. But as most have commented, sound and presentation could use some tweaking, consider a reload. Otherwise very well done!

malika Hill says:

I can hear him just fine, just dont like seeing finger tips on raw meat. Good recipe!!!

Edison Stacio says:

too far from the mic bro

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