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The name translates to “pepper nut,” which sounds odd when you consider the original recipe didn’t call for pepper or nuts, but that aside, these are ridiculously good, surprisingly easy, and I think they are the best Christmas cookie ever. Enjoy!

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Food Wishes says:

It makes my day that people are taking the time to explain the belt and suspenders thing. Makes sense. I feel better. Thank you!

⸻̆̈⸻̆̈⸻̆̈⸻̆̈ᙎᓿᖇᙍᗫ ᒪᗅᓿᘉ⸻̑̈⸻̑̈⸻̑̈⸻̑̈ says:

Oh wie lecker :) PFeffernüsse sind mit meine Lieblingskekse! :)
Wobei es gibt noch
Coburger Schmätzchen…, Florentiner, Hamburger Kuchen :D, Schweizer Nusstaler 😀 … die Liste ist lang^^

Becky Ezra says:

Chef John, wish you and all your loved ones a lot of beautiful days in the coming year, happy holidays, good health, a huge success in all you do. bless.

Ddora says:

The cavity in the center naturally lends itself to creating an eclair pfeffernusse. You could pipe from the top/side and then ice over the hole with a chocolate version of the same icing

thomo74 says:

They look really good ! Some mixed dried fruit in there would work I bet.

ce says:

Love this ❤️ My grandmother would make 1,000 of these to give as gifts every Christmas. I've never tried them with icing–looks so good

Paul Böker says:

I just came here to hear him pronounce it

Michael Laugesen says:

You got to try æbleskiver – a traditionel danish “cakes” we have in winter. They are so amazing 😀

Cinereous Monk says:

Honestly never heard of these as a food, only from Futurma; now looking forward to making a batch as soon as humanly possibly

Whether it'll be in the shape of aforementioned Pfeffernüsse instead of the fantastic domes that Chef John executed, time will tell.

Jason Rottlaender says:

Thank you for this. My grandmother was from Germany she always had these cookies and I never knew the name of them. And was just thinking about them a couple days ago. Sure do miss her

Matty Dominic says:

Gonna try these this year! Buon Natale, John!!

russell zauner says:

laughs in Futurama

C'est moi, Kim! says:

My mother absolutely looooves nuts–would the cookie be ruined if i added a few finely chopped walnuts? Has anyone done this and regretted it? I guess I could add a few to a bit of dough, roll it up, and bake it to try. Merry Christmas, everyone! Health, Happiness, and greater Prosperity in 2022 and beyond!

Sparkle Motion says:

In the Netherlands they're called pepernoten en eaten for Sinterklaas the original Santa Claus

Kenny Hagan says:

My grandma made something like that. The lemon icing, that will work on many things.

L D says:

This guys downward inflection between each breath in his narration is beyond obnoxious and tacky.

Ryan Harman says:

Wait, I thought the entire point of these cookies was to be molasses flavored cookies. Pfeffernüsse aka “molasses cookies” So this recipe would be the equivalent of making a ginger snaps without the ginger or lemon cookies without the lemon. Or pumpkin cookies without the pumpkin. I really don’t understand.

billyum braskey says:

the version my family does has ground up cherries, dates, walnuts and includes anise.

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