Pie Recipes – How to Make Award-Winning Peaches and Cream Pie

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Get the recipe for Award-Winning Peaches and Cream Pie at: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/15142/award-winning-peaches-and-cream-pie/

Have yourself a peachy good time with this popular peach dessert. Upon a crust of flour, vanilla pudding mix, butter, egg and milk, pour a creamy smooth mixture of canned peaches, sugar and cream cheese, then top with cinnamon sugar and bake! Serve big tempting slabs completely chilled for total enjoyment.

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Karen Vidal says:

Hi! What if i cant find vanilla pudding mix? Any alternative?

Sarah Kamraoui says:

can i substitute the non-instant vanilla pudding mix with a anything else

Sarah Heath says:

Yummy would love to try this recipe but in Australia we only stock instant Vanilla pudding mix, could that be used instead of non-instant?

Beth Moody says:

This recipe is not very clear and it is entirely too fast. You don't say how much of the reserved syrup to use and because it is so fast you almost miss it altogether. It looks like you are supposed to grease the dish at the end but you don't mention it nor what to use. I suggest you rethink using this style video if you truly want to put out recipes that people will use and also get someone to test the recipe using the written steps before making it public.

Recipes Plus says:

WOW! i need in my channel

Bo Circana says:

Can't wait to make this!

22aryel says:

Looks delicious! I'll definitely try that one day ☺️

Baluxy Anahiam says:

Yesss I'm making this asap !

Linda says:

looove the quick videos. can immediately see whether i like a recipe or not

Ibrahim Bahakim says:

Creampie or cream pie? It makes a HUGE difference :S

Lord Deej says:

I love cream pies too 😉

Crystal S. says:

My mom would make this when I was a child. Such a treat! Thank you for sharing this!

b00mzerk says:

Love the food. Also, what was the name of the song used in this vid?

BakeItWithLove says:

Looks delicious!

InternetSado says:

eheehehe cream pie.

that is all.

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