Piers Morgan Hospitalized From Vegan Food

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Piers Morgan took one bite of a vegan sausage roll on live tv. And several days after he’s in the hospital with stomach inflammation saying the vegan sausage roll was the cause. Oh really?

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Lee Dublin says:

karma is a b**

Josie's Journey says:

Interesting how the host who ate the whole thing didn't get ill but the guy who spits it out goes to the hospital. Should teach him – NOT eating vegan gets you in the hospital. Hope he learned his lesson.

Whole Food Plant Based says:

People who act like that when trying vegan food just need to be put down

TheNewLifeForWE says:

You two are great together. Thank you for the time and effort you put
into your videos to help us learn more and to stand with the right
causes and people. I know its tiring always seeing people bash others
and say they lie or that they are wrong when they are not. Thank you for
taking the time to make videos standing with the right side of this
world and what is honest and true when it comes to facts and reality in
veganism, WFPB and all extensions and forms of eating clean and
cruelty-free. I love that you are not just some troll spewing out your
own ideas but get actual facts from actual organizations that do their
studies and research. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I really
enjoy watching your videos and learning things and facts I didnt know.
God bless you two and your journey.


Vegans get parasites and E. coli often because veggies and fruits are full of them! Just go Keto and stay healthy!

tvgf tvgirlfriends says:

I wonder how much he got paid for that act.

Lounnah says:

By now it should be more than obvious that Piers is just a huge puppet, well paid by the government and industries. I think he is just emarrassing…

David Z. says:

In Germany we call them "Arschgesicht" ✌🏼

John McKie Art says:

He's just doing his job. It's Piers Morgan's job to get people arguing with each other. I thought most folk knew that.

salariatu says:

At the end of the day, health is priority, even if one has to sacrifice an animal. Period.

andrew barrington says:

haha, it was me that called him a bellend : )

adhesivecookie says:

Piers Morgan tells the truth!

I ate a piece of carrot and suffered a stroke. Green is bad for you. Look at Jon Venus and how sick and frail he looks.

Shawn Clarkson says:

You can eat pizza and burgers on vegan now? My goodness

Tina Rude says:

The anti vegan propaganda is increasing, they're getting worried..

Anne Janssen says:

Arguing against vegnism is arguing for animal abuse… should he disappear from the planet, it would not be a great loss!

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