Plant-Based BUDDHA BOWLS // Easy & Delicious

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Hey guys! 3 incredible buddha bowl ideas for you to experiment and try out including; miso aubergine, roasted carrot & garlic hummus, romesco sauce, dukkah roasted butterbeans. Let me know which dish or bowl you’ll be trying out xo



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Robert I Williams, Jr says:

I have GOT to try them ALL. Wow they look SOOO good thank you, you made my day.

Edward Hunter says:

Wow they all look so good😋

Мамины вкусные рецепты says:


L J says:

You talk too much

Itzy Mabel says:

Nice video, I would like to know how to make the niso.. ? De dressing u put in the arbagine?

ام سعد says:

Please translate your videos into Arabic

Vijay Chary says:

Visiting for the first time. I really like all your the Budha Bowls. Each bowl looks great with 3 or 4 items with their own individual recipes. I am going try each of the individual items and sauces separately and see which ones I like or feel comfortable in preparing, preferably with less oil. I usually like two items in my meal (with appropriate sauce you suggested) and I can then make my own bowls. Thanks a million for your video.

PHD in Me TV says:

Thanks for sharing 🌱

Veronica Lidström Joannides says:

Delicious! Moooooore Buddha bowls👍

Fresh & Sassy Plant-Based Living says:

Your recipes, the photography, the editing are out of this world! I have to bow down to you! Your meals are GOALS!

Fresh & Sassy Plant-Based Living says:

Oh Wow! Those cauliflower steaks look amazing! I'm going to make everything here! I'll let you know how it turns out!

Heather Siglos says:

WOWW!!! I LOVE these!!! Thank you SO much!!🥰🥰🥰

Grace Phua says:

Breast milk can taking or not?

Pooja Chauhan says:

effin love all of it sooo much! <333333

navnita chaudhuri says:

Those were the best light recipes

Ahdiyeh Ebrahimi says:

Excellente 👌👌 Bravo chef

Puja p says:

U will go a long way. All the best.

Elisabeth McGregor says:

Thank you 💐

Алеся лиса says:

Можно было хоть писать на экране что вы положили!! А то получается какого хрена мне это ютуб рекомендовал!?

biggmonie says:

❤ your sauces!

Neptunes Rain says:

You are a master at this 🙏🏾

Damu Joshi says:

Woww so good👍❤

Allies Dbg says:

Subscribed and thank you…mmmmmm each bowl mouth watering 💪🏿👌💗

Nerdsage68 says:

I'm not even vegetarian, and I'd tear these bowls up! I'm going to try all three!

Fresh & Sassy Plant-Based Living says:

Beautiful! No matter which way you goi am here for it! While my BWI goal t based has taught me so much about food, namely plants I understand all that you have been through as I have had the same exact challenges. Stay true to you and carry on in this beautiful journey!

Pri Vya says:

Being indian i need so much flavour in my food and surprisingly your way of making it reminds me that u have aptly balanced the taste in every bowl u made.

Arianna Reese says:

Wow this all looks amazing 😭♥️

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