Plant-Based WINTER BUDDHA BOWLS // Seasonal & Delicious

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Sharing 3 magical Buddha Bowls in todays video. These ideas are all spontaneous and free-styled – there are no exact measurements – I want to encourage intuitive cooking. I know how much you guys love this style of video! As always i’ve focused on using as much seasonal goodness as possible + i’ve kept in mind that holiday season is upon us. Hope you get lots of inspo T xo



#tishwonders #seasonal

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Julie Pie says:

You’re amazing!! I’m so thankful to YouTube algorithm ❤️🥺

Cornelia Jung says:

wow – I just tried the quinoa bowl, without the yogurt dip and instead of quinoa I used some left over couscouc – this was so delicious! why has no one ever told me to mix some vegetables with oil and seasoning and put them in the oven?! I'm definetly going to try out more of your recipies! thanks a lot and stay safe!

Hugh House says:

Love your recipes and the way you share how you create them. Simply awesome!

Virgie T says:

I'm creating a quantified of nouns for my ESL students. Tish adds some leeks and a clove of garlic etc. Love sharing good health with my students. Thx from USA.

Blossom Jass says:


Amanda Torres says:

I am so happy you make videos!! This is amazing!!! ❤️❤️❤️

CurlyisConfident says:

Whew!!!! If you were cooking for me sis I’d actually consider being vegetarian lmao! Love this for inspo! ❤️

Suki Omari says:

Perfecttt thank you so much for sharing!

Lily Nguyen says:

Hi Love your video! I was wondering what Brands for Tahiti? Thank you!!!!

Terina Tui says:

Just made the second bowl and used the garlic from the roasted carrots in the beet dip and it is 🔥🙌🏽🔥🙌🏽🔥

Essie I says:

This all looks so delicious

Maria Curley says:

Tish, these dishes look amazing and they are nutritionally dense. You're so creative with these flavours. They look so yummy! Now I have the dilemma that I cannot choose which one I would eat first, lol. Where do you buy your dry butter beans? I know I can order online but I like to get good recommendations. Many thanks!

Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ says:

I can't imagine how much planning , prep and editing goes into these videos. Your food is such a visual treat. Amazing

Treasure2Behold says:

Ackee patties sound so interesting.

blaqberryz_ best says:

Beautiful! I made one of your other dishes today and it was amazing!

Tish Davis says:

These all look amazing!

Trina Minihan says:

I tried the Buddha bowl with the butter beans. Oh my gosh it was so good.

I was hesitant because it had almost everything that I thought I didn’t like.

Thanks so much for posting your recipes Tish. I can’t wait to try another.


Im smiling ear to ear just watching the video as though i can taste the food.
Simply lush!!! 🤪

aniak2205 says:

What can you Use instead tahini?

Anitha Kannan says:

wow these have got to be the best plant based recipes i have ever seen! this is STUNNING! i also never comment on youtube videos, but i really had to say how amazing this was! you need to see my face right now, this is truly SO creative and perfect in so many ways! i love how you used so many different colored vegetables, herbs, flavors! you are truly gifted, i can see you getting far with this love <3

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