Pork butt smoked Cajun sausage Jambalaya

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One of he easiest Cajun meals of all… Just remember 1 part long grain rice to 2 parts water or stock. Bring to a boil stir & simmer 20 mins covered using a heavy iron pot. DO NOT OPEN the POT!!! Let stand for 5 mins covered off heat before opening the pot.

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Mary Ellen Rossi says:

I made this tonight and my spouse who can gripe about a beautiful warm sunny day loved it!! Many thanks!!

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

man that sure looks good

Anonymoose says:

YUM! I haven't done one of these for a while, and you jostled my memory. I think I'll whip one up tomorrow.

LilDisLilDat says:

Looks good!🍽🍸

Vanessa Harris says:

Oh yes looks good to me.

kodibass says:

JB,   I know this may sound Odd to a southerner ,, But I make a variant  of this  Jambalaya Recipe that is a  Filipino  spin off ,, but is real good,,   Keep a open mind here…  I add a can of coconut cream to this,,,,,    & it rocks..  I like it mostly with a shrimp & chicken Jambalaya ,,  Give it a try I think you will be pleasantly surprised..                                                      kodi

scott brownson says:

love the yo spatula, Japanese?

scott brownson says:

jb new channel?

Mary Ellen Rossi says:

I think I need to make this!!!

Tipping Toast Media says:

videos are looking dark brother. you got dem studio lights on?

FitAnge S says:

Hi JB, that meal looks awesome I love that rice it would taste fabulous. Hope you are well


I remember those bottle caps! They were pretty good! Man, I figured you were about to make a mess scraping the bottom of that dutch oven when the rice was cooked. Great looking jambalaya JB. I prefer pork and sausage over chicken and sausage. Hope Mrs. JB is doing better!!!

Robert “FireLion” Winkler says:

Just had me some Trappey's black eyed peas on New years day.

JonWashburn says:

Looks good J.B.

Tango Joe says:

I was waiting for the spatula to flip that goodness up to the ceiling @ 7:35!
Dang nice Jambalaya JB!

Matthew Illian says:

Damn hate beer goggle photos lol 😂.

Thomas Tommy says:

Looks good JB. Sure does make me a man hungry. I think I may try this today. How is Mrs JB feeling? Have a blessed year.

mike lancaster says:

thanks 4 all the great vids JB…wishing you a happy and wonderful new year!

Critter Gitter says:

JB , fantastic looking meal , CG

kj8060 says:

yeah boy. looks good

tinka harris says:

love your videos made the chilibitvwas amazing, looking forward to trying more.. thanks for sharing

Munir Fernandez says:

happy new year and thanks for the video. regards to the family and lots of good health to you and your family

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