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Visit http://www.noreciperequired.com/recipe/pork-medallions-white-wine-sauce for the full recipe write up.

Pork medallions is a great way to “class up” a standard pork tenderloin recipe. The tenderloin cut, similar to a Filet Mignon, tastes great and is among the leanest and most tender cuts of pork.

I love cook a pork tenderloin whole, but for a more elegant pork recipe, you can cut the tenderloin into Medallions, or “steaks”. They look and taste great. In this recipe, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily cook the pork, and then an easy sauce recipe you can make with the pan drippings and bit of white wine. It’s it pork tenderloin recipe that looks much harder than is, and will be sure to impress everyone.

For the full write up, go http://www.noreciperequired.com/recipe/pork-medallions-white-wine-sauce

If you like more great pork recipes visit http://www.noreciperequired.com.

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Michael Maurone says:

I made this yesterday and was the best pork tenderloin I ever had….cutting 2" slices insured meat did not over cook..
thank you !

Dick B says:

Cook off???? How about just …..cook. Unless cook off means something that I don't understand.

LiarNoseOnFire says:

STOP,,,,,!!! To remove the 'silverskin' (as you called it), FIRST, use the point of a very sharp knife about an inch from end of the tenderloin and push it in gently under an inch or so to start the removal process. Second, hold the end of the tenderloin on the bord while slicing off the 'silverskin' without if sliding everywhere as in your 'demo'. Control of the slicing technique is the key to success and cleany and easily removing the unwanted 'silverskin'.

Try it and improve your knife skill/s.

MbisonBalrog says:

are you using a high or medium heat on the stove for this?

Darren Stewart says:

Recipe was good, editing and footage terrible. Still subscribed,. 😃

MbisonBalrog says:

Instead of mixing in stock, can you throw in a bouillon cube?

Punkee Walla says:

Wot a tuna. I'm going to to go ahead and not watch this again.

Mr. Scotchpie - M7AGG says:

I enjoyed this dish. Really easy to make and tasty. I may some apple sauce to the mustard sauce next time.

Bill Conserva says:

1/2 to 2 inch is thin?
 Wow, what's thick to you?

Beth Bilous says:

Are you a chef? Looks darn delicious. I grill medallions, but will give this one a go.

1cobaltcrazy says:

Never try to pry the meat if it sticks to the pan. When it's ready it will release itself! Patience!

sukho jetanasiriboon says:

very nice cooking

Bill Meeh says:

Belle recette David, lâche pas!

William Thomas says:


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