Pulled Pork Carnitas | Episode 1037

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Jane Cash says:

Is pork shoulder Pernil?

Mike B says:

Can you reuse the lard or throw away?

Jane Cash says:

I don’t have a Dutch oven thing can I use a regular pot?

Terry Pogue says:

A butt is the container pork shoulder was shipped in. Not the rear of the pig.

Hater Oftheleft says:


Fredericka Long says:

You said you make this in the crockpot for larger groups do you have a video for that?

Austin Ikeda says:

Don’t trim the fat 🤦🏻‍♂️ that’s the best part lol

Alexis Calderon says:

Meat looks dry

Jeffrey Walker says:

Just personal preference, but I prefer much more fat in the shredded pork for moisture. It looks dry to me. But that's why I'm fat and Laura isn't.

joesl8 says:

Laura, you’re gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Josué Cruz says:

Looks very delicious !! I think you’d love them more if you take a frying pan and kind of brown the tortillas 🥰

DjCole100 says:

Laura that fat was flavor… and you're doing it Cuban style. you could have made a Cuban sandwich.

MLBson09 says:

Laura is wifey material <3

Doreen Silva says:

Ohhh yeah!! 😋

Justme77 says:

Nice recipe!! I’m making this tonight but no cilantro. Cilantro tastes like soap to me. Am I the only cilantro hater in here? I call it stink weed.

Earth 1 says:

Lana, its top secret, but this pork stuff, its like really good for the stomach, i think, i'm still testing it out.

Filip says:

Dont remove the fat, the fat is what makes pulled pork moist and not dry out. Its essential to keep it in

BUBL shyguy2 says:

Holy crap, I actually made this recipe almost exactly before watching this video. The only difference was cayenne pepper instead of chili and also green onions.

z forze says:

You're pretty

Snack with Mary: Recipes, Tips and Meals says:

Fantastic Laura ! Thank you for sharing, I have done Moo Shu Pork Tacos, will try your Carnitas as well.

Da Hawk says:

Never discard your day she tripping

robbycast says:

You are so Effen beautiful

Bettye's Cooking Channel says:

Looks like a great recipe.

Erasto Rodríguez Jiménez says:

Im mexican and i approve this light-low fat carnitas.

Miranda mira says:

You speak to much

Flowerchildkait V says:

Bartaco? This looks amazing

jimbob bodein says:

Looks good And such beautiful eyes

Dead Eyed Demon says:

So, you threw away everything that gives carnitas its' flavor… Good Job.

Nicole A says:

Where is that accent from?

re4gamez says:

wow your eyes are beautiful <3_<3

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