Quarantine Cooking (Episode 2) — Gaines Family Chili

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Joanna wanted to provide another quick & simple family favorite recipe from Magnolia Table cookbook ❤️

From Jo: I’ve noticed our kids quietly processing all that’s going on and wanted to make sure they knew they could process and express their concerns, questions and even fears in whatever form they were comfortable with. For my sweet Ella, she wanted to write down the questions she’s currently wrestling with and interview me.

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Fabiola Graceffa says:

I feel so comfortable on this channel.. thank you Jo I can feel your aura from here

Diane D says:

Love some good chili and cornbread. My husband bought both of your cookbooks for us. Watching 2/14/2021 Happy Valentine's Day!

Cil Vie says:

Intéressant, j'aime vos émissions**

Renata Burić says:

Kolačići su sigurno ukusni,pozdrav

legen always says:

What a beautiful family. The Gaines are not phoney. They are down to earth and enjoy what.they do.

Nancy Kane says:

Chili + cornbread look wonderful
Never get enough chili + cornbread

Sunshine Meredith says:

Love chili!! This country momma loves u! I know I’m a nobody from Kentucky but I love y’all so so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️and I love to cook!!

Françoise A. says:

Bonjour depuis la France, je suis ravie de vous retrouver, je suivais vos rénovations à la télé, mais plus rien ….. Je vous adore tous les deux, continuez, et à bientôt

brittany soles says:

I love these cooking videos! Keep them coming please

Suzi Gasques says:

Pena que não é dublado ( Brasil ) , gostaria de seguir !

Renee Sheeran says:

love these videos. would love to see more!

Mehmet YÜKSEL says:

merhaba sizi severek izliyorum.Hayalimdeki ev mükemmeldi , kocanızla beraber harika işler başarıyosunuz.🇹🇷

Annalee Gosnell says:

I LOVE your show FIXER UPPER!!!!

Catalina J says:

Where can I get your cook book I'm in Australia 😭😭 I can't find it

Crafty Adventure Kid says:

Fixer upper is awesome

Xiomi says:

Where is your beautiful sweater from ?

Doody Wray says:

I hate that the current affairs puts us in a position to basically hoard food., but the canned goods and canning is like an insurance policy against hunger and will be used and eaten, just feels different and scary how 2020 is and will be so happy 2020 is over, give me a firework to set off December 31, I am so ready.

Syrena Larkin says:

Yummy!!! Also your Sunday steak tips are amazing!!!

Bobbi G. says:

Love me some CHILI!!! Only ranch style beans tho. Very special children. And precious family. Have watched y’all for years… Am binge watching past videos… thanx for addressing the quarantine situation. You are such an Inspiration!!!! Hugs!!!

fnyack says:

JG is the sweetest woman alive on Planet Earth, nobody else comes close. Me, happily married.

Quinn Hamilton says:

https://youtu.be/bt2_2UQroio Chopped quarantine edition 😂😂😂

shafayath thekkekarukayil says:

I am watching your kitchen..so nice

The Vowels says:

You are my idol I love you so much and wish I could meet you I have meet your mom she is sweet I wish I new me

Godzilla - says:

I wonder how much it costs your husband to be your husband

Débora Macena says:

por favor legenda em portugues

ciaraspb says:

More cooking videos please

Village Food court says:

The recipe turned out amazing 😊….all ur videos are absolutely stunning…😍😍😍😍thanks for sharing this delicious recipe🍛🍛🍛..

Larry L says:

Who gives a rats ass

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