Quick and easy breakfast recipe for kids and teens

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www.howdini.com Quick and easy breakfast recipe for kids and teens Who better to teach kids how to cook than a kid? 18-year-old Justin Miller published his first cookbook several years ago and is already a professionally trained chef. This is a recipe for a quick egg breakfast kids will love to help make. Keywords: easy breakfast recipes quick breakfast recipes simple breakfast ideas

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NeztyKash says:

Ever heard of french toast?

supersweetpopo says:

Syrup and egg ? Sure about that ?

starlessartemis says:

that was a whole lot of syrup!

rormister1 says:

yehhh right !! i was thinking what the hell are you doing to that lovely egg!

AM95564 says:

Ive seen this recipe in a kid’s cook book! Minus the syrup tho.

Minusthesum says:

I mean it truly is your preference with the way you want to eat it, but I’m not so big on the syrup haha. xD Thanks for the video though. Quick and easy! 😀

ItsMeStephany13 says:


I Oh says:

I agree.

TheWrongTrick says:

I liked the idea… until you drizzled that maple syrup on it.

Carly Marie says:

@Fullmetalgirl04 pretty sure that was his right hand? i could be wrong haha

benjamin sorlie says:

eww syrup and egg

fujipluto471 says:

‘Eww syrup

crazycutz says:

an example on why lots of Americans are so fat..

Badcomedy1 says:

cuz it is bahahahahaha >:D

Badcomedy1 says:

this vid was nice thank you 

nephilim249 says:

Isn’t that called Eggs in a basket?

twi5tedlemonz says:

Ruined it with the syrup.

bobeagle007 says:

maple syrup! thats soo wrong!

angeldelight900 says:

Why does american butter look like icecream?

MrKLX110rider says:

U ruined it with the syrup

Nerevar666 says:

you lost me at the maple syrup…

aqsa398 says:

so fit 

alekperova22 says:

Great love it

Becky walker-ingham says:

V for Vendetta tought me how to do this

Fullmetalgirl04 says:

Teenage chef? I thought I saw a wedding ring o-o

CBSkat3s says:

Hey thank you this turned out very tasty especially with the syrup on it thanks loads!!!

quinnvid says:

Yum but without syrup for health use only egg whites and wheat bead

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