Quick Indian Halwa Recipes in Pressure Cooker Video Recipe by Bhavna

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I’m often asked for help in converting conventional and slow cooker recipes to quick pressure cooker recipes. So through this video, you can learn three easy and yummy Indian desserts. More…

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Bhavna's Kitchen says:

This video is the compilation of three quick Indian Halwa Dessert prepared
in Pressure cooker to reduce hours of cooking time.

asianlite6 says:

This upload is a treasure sis..i got it saved ..thank u..god bless u my

kmp says:

I often make lapsi in cooker n i hv tried gajar halwa also in cooker once
but don’t you think it vl get too much softened! !! N i think taste vl also
get differ… it’s my experience though!
Your valuable advice to this can help me if any!

Shahina Fatteh says:

Thank you Bhavna. Ahhh three recipes in one video :)

ramankaur85rk says:

Hi…..is it old video???. ..because your kitchen is different now

Sean Williams says:


Gaurav Kashyap says:

No offence bhavna but u have the worst editor in the world…… Judging by
this video only! Get a new one, seriously! Just suggestion! Wish u all d
gud luck

jm2ube1 says:

How many carrots you used?

Mahejbin Vahora says:

Hay bhavna you are amazing sis.youre cook is very easy to make.

kalyaniavhj says:

shall we use condensed milk instead of using milk powder..

paresha patel says:

today i craving….kuch meetha ho jaaee……ha…..ha…….thank’s for
teach us…

zohra umar says:

When you say 10 whistles, can you give me a rough idea of how long that is
after the 1st whistle? My pressure cooker does not have intermittent
whistles like Indian cookers.

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