Rie’s Favorite Japanese Recipes- Buzzfeed Test #138

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pls excuse the sweat glistening off my face at the end

Tasty’s Video- https://goo.gl/CCWvGN


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simran chauhan says:

Can anyone give the recipe for the fruit roll cake?

Kim Tran says:

There is an app like Google translate you can use to take picture of that dashi bottle and the app will scan then translate

Erin Huang says:

LOL when I first came in the state and use an American recipe I was so confused by the measurement. I was like how large a cup should be one cup, the. I realized there are measurement cups for those hahahahaha

GamerZee says:


AlmostBearable says:

Right after you talked about your videos being demonetized, I got an ad.

Just a random Person says:

Why do videos get demonetised? And what does getting demonetised even mean ??? Someone help

heloana says:

" so you want to use some firm peaks" contineus to use soft peaks….

Naomi Kozierowski says:

What was that noise in 0:02

Wild Shadowflux says:

I gotta make those wings.

Catwalk Productions says:

Too scared to do mmm attempt the Omerice?

Zoey Golde says:

Wtf kind of udon is that

Toad Day Get Toad says:

What possible reason do they have for demonitizing? I thought you’re allowed to use clips of other videos for education’s sake (at least that’s the warning drama channels use…gotta think a cooking channel would be even more understandable in their clip usage…wtf?!)

Cintya Paramastri says:

Hey, you’re slicing your beef in the wrong direction……………….it’s gonna be tough 😶

Shadow 5935 says:

My name is Connor, the android sent by cyberlife

Juicy Panpan says:

Bro that’s not udon no hate

Riyanshu Sharmaa says:

You could have used Google Translator for translation… It can translate directly from the camera

Christina Phillips says:

Don’t tell me you didn’t wash the chicken wings 🤦🏽‍♀️

Mech Poblete says:

why did youtube demonetize a cooking channel? smh

Gabriel Dent says:

Buzzfeed needs to hire this guy

Linnéa Svensson says:

Tasty has an app with all the recipes

Damein Jauregui says:

Pause the video on his face then spin your phone fast and just start laughing

shhteno says:


Rafaxlla ._. says:

The way he narrates his videos looks like something is going to go wrong

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