Roast Beef Sandwich | Melissa Clark Recipes | The New York Times

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Melissa Clark seasons a top loin with salt, pepper, garlic and rosemary before roasting to create the beginning of the perfect cold sandwich. Produced by: Meghan Gourley Read the story here:…

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Charles Wagner says:

I’m glad this chick is back. Way better videos.

annie46664 says:

Looks amazing!!!! Definitely my kind of sandwich. :)
Mango pickle is also a fave of mine.
~Durban~ xox

liang longlong says:

(I know this is childish. But i had to)
“Is this going to fit into my mouth?”
Thats what she said.
Oh wait… it was what she saidxD

coolkayaker1 says:

God, what I wouldn’t give to eat this sandwich right this very millisecond.

Thanks, Melissa. 

iugoeswest says:

Good one Melissa! Thanks for tips! Glad your back!

Sam Biswas says:

looks healthy to me…………..

StevexNYCperformance says:


Goomba Hump says:

Mango pickle sounds amazing 

rosewatersaffron says:

Oh God! Mel, you’re such a godess! I need to to this ASAP

ri rex says:

raw and undercooked, yes yes I understand the whole rare bs

jbadal1 says:

Top Loin ??!!!! For a beef sandwich ? She’s nuts. $12+ a pound, and
that’s in Chicago. There are other cuts that are tender and definitely
cheaper. Look for USDA graded meat.

behapfs says:

Press 8

Rich Lucey says:

Looks so good

Alanaki says:

1:27 that’s what she said

melonbarmonster says:

Bittman please…

joyjoyoo says:

I love Mel, lol 

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