Roasted Lamb Breast Recipe – Beautiful Breast of Lamb with Honey Parsley Vinegar

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Learn how to make a Roasted Lamb Breast Recipe! Visit for the ingredients! Plus, more info and over 550 additional original video recipes. I hope you enjoy this Roasted Lamb Breast Recipe!

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Rick Pamaran says:

This was delicious and I already had everything in my pantry. Thank you!

Julien Berndt says:

Making this for nye dinner thanks so much

xtina0121 says:

I'm intrigued by the combination of flavours ; i'm not very imaginative but i will definitely try this. I have cooked lamb breast in the same way for over 40 years so i think it's time to experiment!

Jill’s Comfort Zone says:

This looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!

David Matienzo says:

Too much seasoning and salty definitely not the best recipe. It was disappointing after 3 hrs

Chris Diles says:

Trying this right now! I love lamb and it's unique flavor. My wife has never had it and doesn't know what I'm cooking. Haha Wish me luck!

cphershon says:

I love lamb, but I never had this cut before. I used your recipe, and it came out awesome! The parsley/lemon condiment went with it perfectly, too. Like you said if you like pork belly, you'll love this. Thanks for a great, simple to follow recipe!

yanhel93 says:

Making this right now. Hoping it comes out good 🤞🏼

LilPie says:

Currently 7weeks pregnant watching this video is literary self torture how the heck did I get here idk🤦🏻‍♀️


I’m going to try it today

Natashua Uranga says:

God bless you, Chef John!
Trying out this recipe and looking forward to how the lamb turns out!🌻

Michael Morgan says:

Can this be made with pre-made store bought barbecue sauces Sweet baby Ray's or Sticky Fingerz

guardiangarasu says:

I just cooked lamb for the first time with this video. It was amazing.

Stephanie Milyard says:

This sounds fantastic! A friend gave us a few lamb cuts from their farm and I’m trying out this recipe tonight!

Manic says:

"a nother" Nice use of the English language!

David Hartding says:

Wal-Mart sells them for around $12 for 5 pound's where I live.

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