Roasted Leg of Lamb Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 748

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MrJobcon says:

Hey Laura, great job as always. Im doing this tonight. Happy Easter!

Wolfiez 302 says:


cindi Mills says:

Thank you for this Laura…just put your love glasses on and ignore the haters 😉😇😎

PokerQueen87 says:

You should have also shown us how to carve it as I'm aware there is a right and wrong way?

Andre Artus says:

But what would your Nona do?

B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu says:

150 degrees is well done for lamb..,,waaaaay to over done

Sandra Marias says:

She first says thick cuts of garlic before cooking and after tasting, she said thin slits of garlic.

WarPaint 47 says:

Of course the best recipes come from Mama or Granny! For cooking, there is the right way, the wrong way and Mama or Nonna's way which is the ONLY way! (If you are Italian like Laura or Hispanic like me, you learn that lesson early and learn it well 😜😜)

k17rawal says:

Hi, would you cover the lamb before you put it in the oven? Or put it in uncovered?

summer hot says:

Laura you are Italian? I have always thought you were Russian because of the last name.

Laurinda Reis says:

can i just ask why you didnd season the botton part of the lamp leg?

Alejandrea Canul says:

Hey Laura have you ever done a recipe of how to cook rabbit?

frenchaskanargis says:

Thank you so much for sharing your family recipe! Absolutely love it!!

Alweezy says:

Who is this mystery CAMERA GUY?

roger robie says:

amazing eyes

Rebecca says:

I love your sharing family recipes. Wish me luck doing my first lamb tomorrow with your recipe. Happy Easter.

Stretch Easy says:

your mega hot

Susan Ferrara says:

everyone who came over loved this recipe as well as i did , thank you for posting this.

Susan Ferrara says:

thank you Laura, i will be using this recipe for my christmas dinner tommorow. it looks like heaven. my roast is 10 pounds. i feel a bit more confident after watching your video several times.i'll let you know how it turns ouit. thankyou for your help.

Konuvis says:

That's pretty much the way my 'maman' makes it plus thyme and minus lemon and rack. All that fat would be prefect in a sauciere to separate the good stuff.

Jason Long says:

I love lamb. This chick has killer eyes but she sounds like a cartoon character…like maybe a baby panda wearing a baseball cap and holding a ballon…or maybe a koala bear chasing a butterfly.

Steve Caddick says:

May I ask for your rendition for Shakshuka please Laura. Thank you.

caveman861 says:

I know this is gonna be super killer in my mouth. Cannot wait to try this! Thanks 😀

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