Salad Recipes – How to Make Three Bean Salad

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Watch how to make a vegetarian salad high in fiber and protein. We combine green beans with wax beans and kidney beans. Use canned or fresh – whatever works best for you. The beans are marinated overnight in a sweet and tangy dressing. Enjoy!

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Lisa Boutin says:

This kind of salad never needs oil. Blech!

Roshan Dani says:

Too much shuger

fivelightsonahill says:

Great music.

Marnice Wade says:

If  I don't hear the voice, I skip the video-come on Allrecipes go back to the original format!!!

lovehope3753 says:

O.K. ALLRECIPES….here's the deal. Just stop making videos until you can at least go back to the previous level of 'high' quality. This and many other videos are unacceptable when you had a platform of good content and very good quality. It seems like you outsourced your YT channel, which is fine, but the new company should be able to at least maintain what you have established or excel it. Presently neither is the case. Respectfully submitted.

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

They ran out of salad recipes , that's what I think

Jenny HN says:

I watched it like 8 times bcuz of the song….:)

Donna Holt says:

people complaining about the sugar  need to grow up and grow a pair   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I mean seriously   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

advoluntas says:

Kill the singing so annoying. Bring the voice and no annoying giant letters on the screen. LAME!!

Giacomo Restelli says:

Don't talk with anybody after this salad lol

305michae3lsexycat says:

Booowwww bring back the old videos like they used to be with the voice

kokoro nagomu says:

i will do this sans the sugar and substituting the vinegar for lemon or raw apple cider vinegar… and likely i'll chop some celery i have growing in my garden for the celery seed.

whoareyou2me says:

Once again, why so much freaking sugar??

A salad high in fiber and protein…and diabetes. My mom never put in sugar, and it tasted great.

leafy is a racist says:

who the hell eats onion raw? :0

ClassyChicaaa says:


Lisa Moraes says:

3much onions 5me

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