Savory Vermicelli Recipe- Thin Noodles – Sevai Upma – Indian Recipes by Bhavna

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Matt N says:

Sounds almost like an easier-to-make Pad Thai.
Picked up a couple of bags of pakistani vermicelli at the indian grocer
yesterday–just two for a dollar–so I was looking for some instructions.
Most of the other recipes I’ve found online are sweet, porridge-like
recipes, but I’d much rather have something savory.
So, thanks, Bhavna!
Will definitely make this, maybe with an egg or tofu too. Looking forward
to that wonderful squirt of lime! A nice, tropical Christmas dinner. It’s
10 here in upstate New York. Was -1 last night, so I’ll enjoy this!

Bhavna's Kitchen says:


Tabitha Walker says:

Good video… for

Hema Sawant says:

Looks yummy.. I guess I will give a miss to garlic and try. Thanks a lot
for sharing. Had this sevayi resting in my pantry for long .. Finally could
make a good use of it. Thanks again.

skillsinlife says:

My mumma not here tdy n here i m stuck without a clue on how to make
vermicelli…instruction in the back are not easy….but You helped me to
make dinner for myself tonite…..thanks :-)

Tabitha Walker says:

…as for the recipe we are going to make it

Sejal Gosar says:

hey its looks yummy.Your all receipes are loved by me

mustafa says:

great recipe!

031681508 says:

hi bhavna, do u grow your curry tree in your home? if u do..where can i get
the seeds in usa?help me out plese..thank you and nice recipe.


Thank you

TheGenodr says:

hi bhavna,,,,,,,,,,i liked this recipe also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i have watched
lots of recipe of yours,,,,,,,,,,even my parents not knowing that i started
cooking,,,,,,,,,actaully i m staying in hostel in kerala,,and here no north
indian food available so m forced to cook somehting,,but what and how,is
where your videos helping me out,,,,,,,,, Bahavna can u plz list me other
recipes also which will be easy to cook for bachelors like me,,,,,,,just
list me,i ll watch the videos one by one, Thxs bhavna

RedTailedTuna says:

prevent it from lumping together after a few minutes taste it to see if it
is the right firmness to your taste. When mixing it with the other stuff
you can take it off the heat and mix it in the wok. It sounds like you over
cooked it last time

asianlite6 says:

Hi Sister, i did your recipe it came out very well without getting family ppl liked it very much…your recipe always turns to
perfect…god bless you my sister..:)

Rajan Sharma says:


Bhavna's Kitchen says:


Sam020279 says:

Like it.. and nice presentation keep it uploading 😀

PhillyG501 says:

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Nazima Mehdi says:

Hi Bhavna, Just wondering, with you being among my top 3 favorite Indian
youtube cooking stars, it would be interesting if you shared random things
with your viewers/fans, other than cooking, like: how you come up with
recipe ideas, shopping trips and tips, how long it takes to put 1 video
together, what you cook on a normal day, a peek into your pantry/fridge,
how your kids/hubby enjoy your meals, and just fun facts about you. Im sure
others would love this idea as well! this recipe: AWESOME!

TheDreamer131 says:

Very simple but looks tasty always will try i love cooking and your ideas
are amazing …..I hope my wife and kids will enjoy this dish……Soon you
will have a T.V show….

dkadachha12 says:

hi bhavna, this is daxa from gujarat and now i am at doha,qatar , i like
your reciepes and also you , where are you leaving .

031681508 says:

thank you bhavna

Scorpion11381 says:

So sorry I had a party last night and left my youtube unsigned off. Wasn’t
me, love your cooking

pinkladydownunder says:

hi bhavna , once i made this same recipe , but i used the rice vermicelli,
but the result was not good, it turned out very hard. all the single
vermicelli joined together and was very tough .. can u tell me how to make
it perfectly so tat every single vermicelli is separate and fluffy . thank

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

I buy from Indian grocers.

Kerrie Walker says:

Hi, This recipe looks great. Do you have a written version with amounts
etc? Thanks.

suryathara2013 says:

I haven’t commented on anyone’s home cooking video yet, though i have
watched many . But u r so special and any dish u discover I find some
innovation and ur interest on cooking. U r so great and Congrats Bhavna.
Your food really speaks.

Nam123V says:

this look yummy got to try this.. :-) thanks agian

aditi prabhudesai says:

where do i get VARMICHILLI ??? i cannot find in pakistan

Patricia Valdez says:

Isn’t it HOT?

MikeTheBarber63 says:

This may be your best recipe yet! I was so jealous when you tasted it! I am
planning to go to an Indian Grocery the next time I am in Nashville,
Tennesse. I live in a small rural town, but my Indian friend told me about
a grocery where I could get many of the spices you use. Your accent is
beautiful and your presentation fantastic. Keep up the good work! Mike

Scorpion11381 says:

How many pawns did you place for this?

jackie sandoval says:

Hello I’m a new subscriber and I enjoyed your videos can’t wait to see more

nil dip says:

Where did you buy your orange colour sieve? I really like it and I’m
looking for a good one to buy. Nice recipe…thanks sis!!

dkadachha12 says:

you are from india?

melchora pablo says:

i”ve cook this vermecille noodle but not spicy,for sure your”s is way
better,the trouble is not well explore to try so many herbs on my time well try.thank you for sharing your recipe.

Ash Pradeep says:

Hi Bhavana, can i add any vegitables to it?

Dee Thakore says:

do you know how make lacto-fermented Dill leaves chutney w/braised fennel

Dee Thakore says:

Thanks for reply. What I mean…Suva (dill) and variyali (fennel) chutney.
So it has it’s own flavor…just like mukhavas. no need to add
garlic/onion/pepper etc…

Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Yah, anything you add, it will come out great.

justdreadest says:

I never knew vermicelli can be savory, Thank you

asianlite6 says:

Hi Sister, nice recipe…will make in your way for today’s breakfast
…thnax..god bless you my sister…

Kishore Pandey says:

Hey your accent so fake!! your videos are watched only by Indians like us,
and not by some gorras, so you don’t have to fake your accent for us to
understand. For god sake, please don’t fake your accent!

KingAsmodai says:

Hi Bhavna, I am from Romania can I find curry seeds for sale on internet?

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