Seafood Boil Recipe made indoors | I Heart Recipes

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Seafood Boil Recipe made indoors. All you need is a regular pot, and the ingredients which can be found here…

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TheWolfePit says:


tataJunkie says:

This looks so good. Sucks I’m allergic to seafood :(


I’m with you I love clam 

Johnny nacho says:

isn’t it gross to put seafood in newspaper?

MsCocaCola85 says:

You must have read my mind, lol cause I was just thinking about making this
the other day! I love one pot meals that offer varieties of meat & veggies.

epiphanyloa says:

Adding the butter is the key to take it up another notch. :)

ThickChick930 says:

Yes a video I swear I be press when I see you post a video can’t wait for
the shrimp and grits….seafood boil looks amazing 

Monique G says:

I love all your videos!

Billy Jeab says:

Love it girl!!!

Tasha Chanel says:

I’m making this next weekend! You are my go to cook! This is a beautiful
dish!!!! Thank you!

Tamar Terrell says:

I’m so in love with you Lol I’ve watched every video on your channel keep
up the good work and positive energy love 

Brandy Vaughn says:

Thats not dungeness crab 

anmoose says:

Hahaa! On sale trumps “red or yellow,” that’s for sure.

Looks fantastic! I see a lot of boils where the seasoning is *way*
overdone, and of course you have to use so and so’s special boil seasoning
“or it won’t work.” I’d say what you put together probably beats what you’d
pay $10 for in a little bag that does one boil.

S Johnson says:

I’ve always wanted to do a seafood boil but I always thought they were done
in a backyard setting and I live in an apt… Never even thought it was
possible to do on the stove top… This is great!

Teanna kaabua says:

I truly love your cooking , looks so delish! ♥

anirtap19 says:

I’m drunk in love on your recipes Rosie lol! This look sooo good! Thanks 4

vpyuukichan says:

Yummy looks really good =) thanks I will try making it 

Ron M says:

YUMMMMM… save some for me Rosie!! CLAMS.. yessss :)

MrMegaFredZeppelin says:

WOW!!!!! Right into my CULINARY playlist. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!

OldManCooking says:

Yummy!! Awesome!

GirlyTipsEtc says:

Oh Em Gee looks scrumptious Rosie!!!

steven lavimoniere says:

great meal looks yummy

Kelly Carpenter says:

Great looking seafood boil Rosie! YUMMY! Thanks for sharing! Take care :)

mountaindreams2 says:


UltimateDivaStyle TV says:

Gurlllll, we will be right over!

MsChopperdog says:

Looks delicious Rosie !

I Heart Recipes says:
reckklizz says:

You are the best! I found your channel yesterday and I’ve been watching
since. Most of your recipes are pretty easy to follow! I’ll be making this

Yancy Bonilla says:

Muy delicious . I enjoyed cooking this meal with my little girls. Thanks 

luvislife80 says:

I gave my mother the recipe to try since she had been looking for one . It
turned out to be a delicious Halloween dish for us!

Quincy Delsoin says:

Yes ma’am my husband is going to love me more… Girl u gon have a sista in
the kitchen for old time sake.. Thank you for sharing your talent and yes
beautiful I subscribe you are my new BFF smooches.

akapam57 says:

I must try. we our’s a little different on Maryland. and oldbay is a must
and beer

Todd Weller says:

Excellent! Seafood boil’s are awesome and this recipe looks incredible! 

only devonly says:

I can’t wait to make this! Looks so delicious.

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