Seafood Gumbo Cajun style

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File` gumbo, No okra!

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Cherokee Lake Tennessee says:

Looks great and thanks for not putting okra in it, that stuff is plain ole nasty. When I fix a gumbo my wife fixes cheese grits and I like getting my a big scoop of grits and pouring my gumbo over it…………good stuff

Mrs Run Me My Money says:

Hey Mr. JB great video…. just one question…. why do you not use a cast Iron skillet to make your roux?

Hocus Smokus KITCHEN & GRILL says:

That looked and sounded awesome JB! What are your thoughts on using lobster meat in a gumbo instead of crab? Thanks for the vid my freind!

BBQGuys says:

Yeah boy, I love that frozen Trinity… good lookin Gumbo JB!

Robert Smith says:

Why does he sound like the Elmer Fudd? However does cook good.

Michael Pitre says:

JB dat looks so guud yeah. I have never added basil to my gumbo, but I may have to try it out. I always saute my sausage in da pan dat I will make my roux in and use dat grease along with some bacon fat to make my roux, another layer of flavor and no waste. Great video and I am hungry for some gumbo for sure Sha!


Please make some New England (Creamy) Clam Chowder!!!

TheGuitar1962 says:

I must have got the secret ingredient from you in and earlier video. Gumbo tonight. Cold ๐ŸŒง โ˜”๏ธ rainy day in Georgia. YUM ๐Ÿ˜‹

jerry Cole says:

what happen to that automatic stirrer you once had

Theresa says:

Zatarain's liquid crab boil….good in gumbo and red beans too…..YUM….1/8 teaspoon is all you need…trust us!!!

Harvey McCarter says:

Do you ever put okra in the gumbo?

Branston Rush says:

Zatarans liquid crab boil concentrate

PaPaJoe Cooking says:

Iโ€™m 62 yrs of age. My grandma taught me a trick with the tomato paste. Open. The top remove the top……turn can over open the bottom over a saucer then push the bottom along with the paste till paste lays on the saucer then remove the bottom. Add amount of paste to pot then put remaining paste in a closed container. Love your gumbo recipe. Yummmmm!

Bhusanur Cooking says:

Very nice video…Like 157…….New subscriber joined you…Hope you will join to my channel.

Alex Paulson says:

"The right way…" to make a roux indeed! It looks marvelous! I did not eat before watching, and I am paying the price! I would not think to put potato salad in a gumbo.. Interesting..
Thanks for sharing JB!!!

Debra Smith says:

made Gumbo this past weekend, used Liquid crab boil. Yummy

Deb Allen says:

Great tip on the shells JB. It looks delicious. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe with us. Yum!

Rick Bachman says:

Thanks J.B., I'M From Pennsylvania. And LOVE CAJUN FOOD. Have some zatarain's crab shrimp boil in my kitchen ๐Ÿ˜‰. Gonna have fun making a 3 beer roux. EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Jeffrey House says:

JB love the video what is the best gumbo and where did you get it or when did you cook it question

Smoking TarHeel says:

Greens are great in gumbo, that's the way I eat my greens. Great cook!!! I wish we were neighbors.What was that secret ingredient?

Fran o' Toole says:

ahhh thats cute JB that you think thats cold. we got some frost here this morn in at -21c. could definately have done with some gumbo to warm the body up this morning ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kamill ianne says:

JB!! that you!!?? Happy Holidays! So good to see you! I can smell by the way you describe it, honey. So, yeah everybody..ย Texans & Louisianians' cook this for most cold weather holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day & of course Superbowl. People get darn right Giddy!! and Weepy! (true story) when they find out that someone is cooking Gumbo. JB..I use filet as a seasoning, but have never made gumbo proper as per se'. I'm giddy! I will rewind the vid now

doublejbbq says:

never get tired of your cooking, I learned to make gumbo from you

tunawookie says:

JB…which air fryer do you use? Been thinking about buying one

I'm Charming says:

50s is cold for us in Charleston too. Sorry, northerners!

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