Seafood Recipes – How to Make Ahi Poke

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Full of freshness, there’s nothing like a bowl of fresh poke to highlight the great flavors of the sea and give you an awesome boost of energy from protein. This staple dish of the Hawaiian islands is bursting with flavors of sesame, soy sauce, chili pepper, and finishes with an awesome crunch from macadamia nuts.

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Mike Nyren says:

Can I get a little ahi w/my shoyu please? : ) Mahalo

deepseareppy says:

This has turned into speed dating for recipe videos

ladiesman032 says:

At least y'all didn't get hacked

박현우 says:

looks very salty

ymb6987 says:

Yasssss! That music was on point!!

bubba says:

Great recipe. I like the way you make videos. Short and to the point. Some would make this a 5 minute video.  Keep them short.

GazeRock123 says:

Akkk… The back and forth editing…

jp0005jp says:

Diabetes in 3..2..1..

magicswallow says:

the tuna steaks, can it be the prepackaged one a found in the fridge aisle? or do you need to find a live tuna and then filet it?

Nadya Neema says:

Looks delicious! I don't know why but this video editing made me dizzy, but its also funny at the same time… I laugh through the whole ingredient listing part

France Vachon says:

RAW fish ???? No thanks !!!

Leona Abrera says:

Can I reduce some of the soy sauce?

ThePancoon says:

I want to see more poke recipes

The Realnick14 says:

Hi I'm the first

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