Seafood spaghetti – recipe

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The seafood spaghetti can be found on almost every Italian restaurant menu, in a number of variants: Sonia’s version is made with mussels, clams, squids and …

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Kwang Yi says:

What are the ingredients used to make fish stock? I can buy all kinds of
stock made from creatures caught in the ocean such as clam or lobster, but
haven’t yet to see stock made from fish. Can this be made with bonito

Ksenia Kolyadina says:

This is the best recipe of pasta I saw online! Bravo! 

Benjamin Li 'Gon says:

Seafood spaghetti – recipe:

Buttercup Greene says:
Farida Ramdhanie says:

Owesome recipe! Can’t wait to try and thank you for sharing this great

Maria Lopez says:

Seafood spaghetti – recipe:

Vincenzos Plate says:

I love Seafood spaghetti. I normally make them without mussols. Great

jes pla says:

Thanks so much for showing your recipe. Its super delicious! The other day
i did not have squid, i substituted with crab meat. Nice too, you can try
it. Thx again.

Dawn Quake says:


yellowsaffron says:

When the squids turn white!

yellowsaffron says:

@myramahmud You can use fish stock, but keep in mind that the alcohol
dissipates when cooked!

yellowsaffron says:


fantalicious23 says:

@kucibaba2 I find ur point of view kinda ridiculous. LOL. I understand that
its just ur point of view. Just saying.

tessa Barrows says:

Are you Italian

Macaroons Comel says:

what can be used to replace white wine?

yellowsaffron says:

Just put them into the pot over the heat!

lala naseb Macalanggan says:

so boring to watch ..

2011Decision says:

They say the pinnacle of Italian cooking is Mom’s cooking… one can
totally see that in this clip…

StarleePie47 says:

This looks so good. I actually willing to put in the work to make it!

atiqah azmi says:

Can i not use the wine?

Peter Fritz Walter says:

Grazie Molto. PIerre

rainy1314emily says:

I have no fish stock or white wine that is usable for cooking. Can I use
the pasta water to replace the fish stock instead?

Mel Gardner says:

this is good recipe

kumar singh says:

Depending on which country you are from! In mine, it costs literally
nothing…we get those fresh seafood everyday in the village market…

niraku321 says:

can’t wait.

Adisti Diaz Verheijen says:

but wine and vegetable broth/fish stock have different taste….. but, i
will try iy anyway 😀 thanks….

yellowsaffron says:

No, you can’t! You can use fish stock instead of wine

jordanAus87 says:

Its called marinara bro

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