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Introducing konyaku noodles.
(aka Shirataki or Konjak noodles)

Ramen is good, sushi is good, katsu is good.
Do people in Japan eat them everyday? No.

Today, I’m introducing a healthy ingredient, it comes in noodle type and block type.
Japan’s super low calorie noodles.
Less than 1/10 the carb of pasta.
Less than 1/20 the calories of pasta.

Possibly, one of the last secrets to Japanese people’s health. Don’t be fooled by all the menu that’s been successfully marketed overseas. We do eat healthier than what you see in anime.

Konyaku (konjac) is a super healthy food, used in Japanese cooking. Low calories and depending on how you cook it, it could become a life saver in your diet.


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E. L. says:

1/10 the calories. 10x the price.

Stephanie Drews says:

Haha what Anime is lying to us?! 😜 how does this compare to shirataki noodles? It looks darker but is it similar? So far i have tried shirataki only

Sara Marquart says:

it's good.. suuuuper good! 😀

HQBunker says:

In UK you can buy it as a "bare baked noodles" 😜 but it is mostly clear transparent. Comes as "spaghetti" like yours or as rice, which I assume is save just in tiny pieces.

Chris Long says:

I had seen the block of Konyaku before but I never knew what it was! Thanks for making this video! :)

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