Shirley Strawberry & G. Garvin Cook Turkey Chili

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Watch Shirley Strawberry and G. Garvin cook turkey chili courtesy of Coca-Cola.

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Archimedes Blackhearr says:

She has a face for radio.

Dia Akin says:

Only Shirley's bourgeoisie ass would wear an evening gown to cook in.

Jeanell Dixon says:

I love me some G. Garvin.

OnlyYouCanMakeItHappen says:

i could listen to her voice all dam day

No Name says:

G. Garvin lookin like Gerald Levert

woodlandcammo27 says:

Steve Harvey is a mangina. Time to go MGTOW gentlemen !

H Dead says:

Fellas if you don't know. His cooking videos have made me look like a chef to the ladies.

Ashley P says:

what kind of stock did he pour in?

j2times2006 says:

im not a big fan of nail polish but I also noticed that as well.

j2times2006 says:

dude is the shit. trust me his recipes are easy and come out banging..and if I can do it anybody can

LU Lion says:

Fat cow? I don't know too many black men that would turn that down. She has a beautiful shape.

bigcalmon says:

Shirley is thicka than snicka, damn!

donneeome says:

What a fat cow she is..

JamesEarlMoans says:

"I'm cooking!" LOL loved it

Nunew thomas says:

I love that nail polish with that dress

moonie jenkins says:

I love these little cooking videos because I'm a mom on the go and I don't have hours to stand over a stove and cook. So thanks:) keep it up.

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