Shōgayu (Japanese Ginger Tea) with Honey and Lemon

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Shōgayu literally means “ginger hot water” in Japanese and is a delicious tea made in the colder months of the year. With loads of fresh ginger steeped in boiling water, this soothing ginger tea will warm you up from the inside out. Ginger is brimming with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and paired with vitamin C from the lemon juice; this tea is a great way to give your immune system a boost. Adding honey to this ginger tea not only sweetens it, it’s also a great way to soothe a sore throat. In this episode we have a special guest, see how many times you can spot him hidden throughout the video. Also, stick around to the very end for bloopers! #gingertea #ginger #cookingwithdog

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Japanese Ginger Tea with Honey and Lemon (生姜湯 – Shōgayu)

Makes 4-5 servings

30 grams ginger
3 cups boiling water
1 lemon (about 1/4 lemon per serving)
4 tablespoons honey (optional)



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Shahzada Idrisi says:

How many times in a day to drink and best time? Pls let me know

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Hope this will help me with my asthma:(

Khalifa Green says:

Yes recipes looks great and plus your fun to watch . Thanks

Nancy Wei says:

I'm so happy to see virtual Francis here! :) <3

Sofía Loja Arroyo says:

Delicious Tea and lovely Francis !!!

tfamilysf says:

Aww Francis! Love this corroboration! My favorite channels in one!

FerretsForever94 says:

my mother used to make this for me when I was sick, so I always associate this with wanting to feel better. So warm and comforting.

GayLovinHoe _Sam_ says:

I was very skeptical at first because I don't favor ginger, and I don't really like honey in my tea's, but this is so good!

theresa robertson says:

Yummy! Looks great!! Cant wait to try it! And It is so nice to see Francis…!!

tfamilysf says:

aww francis… and hey marc! nice meeting you

Eliza Rapsodia says:

I love ginger <3 thanks for the idea

aedean says:

Francis, thank you!

Kuro Neko says:

What an adorable collaboration! Your shogayu looks so wonderfully aromatic. I have extra lemons and ginger on hand. I’m all set. Thanks so much for the recipe!

Erin Uber says:

Hello, Marc! Shōgayu is so delicious, and thank you for the video lesson on how to make it! It's a wonderful surprise to see Francis in the video, too. That is so much fun! I need to try making this. I have powdered ginger honey tea. I drink it as a hot beverage, but I also use it as an ingredient. I blend it with pear juice or apple juice and make granita in the summer. It's so refreshing. Thanks again for the great video!

thedreadtyger says:

it is unthinkable to not love Francis

idontlike chocolatebrownies says:

When Chef mentioned Marc, I thought I knew the name from somewhere, but couldn't place it. As soon as I saw your face, I knew it! Marc as in Marc from Bento Expo! I didn't know you had a youtube channel, too! It was soooo cute to see Francis on his mug, wagging his little tail and visiting another youtube channel. Please do more videos like this, it is so adorable!

indoora says:

That lemon looks like an orange, what type is it?

David E. says:

I came here from Cooking With Dog, I would love to see Francis here again

Christine Morin says:

Francis sent me over. :) I'll check out your channel now. ^_^

Edmond Dantès says:

I didn't know Cooking with Dog before this, so I was really surprised when you did that lol. I was like "damn, got an animation budget and everything?"

UnclePutte says:

Francis sent me! o/

RedLaserFox says:

Here from Cooking with Dog!
Going to go make some lemon/ginger tea now 😃

Pedro Matos says:

Hi Marc! Awesome colab, love cookingwithdog! You're hands down the coolest YouTuber ever! Love your channel! Iced version of shogayu is such a great idea!! 👍👌😀

LauraK says:

Your recipes look great! I get that Cooking with Dog wanted to collaborate with you as you seem to have the same combination of refined Japanese cooking and enthusiasm.

No Recipes says:

How many times were you able to spot Francis hiding in the background? Wanna see more collaborations with Cooking with Dog?

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