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This spicy pomfret tastes so good!

In this episode we use Sichuan fish recipe to give pomfret a spicy kick. Of course, like every time, we utilize spices like garlic and spring onion to add to the flavor and fragrance of the dish.

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White pomfret 300g
Ginger 20g
Pixian broad bean paste ½ cup
Ground pork 20g
Chili sauce ½ tbs
Garlic 20g
Spring onion
Chinese cooking wine
Soy sauce ¼ cup
Sugar 1 tbs
Pickled cabbage 1 tbs
Fermented rice ¼ cup
Sweet black rice vinegar 1 tbs

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Samir Biswas says:

Chef, I would love to learn those skills…

Naresh Zala says:

Cutting fish and vegetables on same chopping board. By the way visit my sea food restaurant in gujrat. Only well known sea food restaurant in gujrat I will give you best test of pomfret in less ingredients

Ha la says:

No salt, no pepper.. Hell no

Srikant Nair says:

Master chef at work.

sumit dey says:

God level craft

VenkataRamana Reddy says:

I hope taste is not good

son cao says:

Chúc thầy ngày càng sức khỏe … Con nhớ thầy rất nhiều

중국집TV says:

버너가 무척 맘에 들어요.

Shirley Castle says:

Watching your videos are very relaxing. I think it might be your knife skills and the music? Love watching your master skills.

Mahfudz Rizkiawan says:

Chef John, guga, and that yunan country girl uploading video almost at the same time… What a night 😋😋😋😋

เอ๋ วิทยา says:


Gatorade son says:

5 pomfret episodes in under a month?? Looks like Fish lovers gathering is being held Boys!!

Khoáng Lương says:

Verry max oil

Duan Lei says:


Yotomuqdad Alkicy says:


hard rock says:

That was pure artistary chef!

Azliana Lyana says:

Amazing flip Chef!

hari srikanth says:

oh god.. How many pomfret fries?? it is the 4th one in last one month!!! beef , pork and now its turn for Fish.. that to pomfret… why cant you try different dishes ?? why again and again pork beef and fish??that to all were pomfret fry only

Emphaty猫天 says:

I love Chinese cuisine! My grandmother used to cook Chinese food before but now her body can't handle doing loads of work! I miss eating her food but it's fine since ive found ur channel

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