Simple recipes to try at home – Omurice

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And now for something completely different! A simple Japanese recipe for you to try at home.
Read the detailed recipe here:

Video Credits
Host: Raina Ong
Videographer: Thomas Ronnlund
Producer: Stefan Schauwecker

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EXXON says:

Always wander why Japanese egg are white and spotless. Spore egg are dark briwn and many poka dots.

Spencer Grant says:

Veg one at last 😀

Miriam Collinge says:

I tried this recipe last night excellent, love it

Shadowflare says:

This is the first time I heard ketchup is healthy

Hirano says:


GlitchBear says:

I'm skipping the carrots

MerakiHealing Path says:

Easy recipe although I don't eat eggs

Wasabi Apple says:

Gorgeous shots! My mouth is watering! Thank you for this easy and entertaining recipe!

** says:

Did I miss the part where she added liquid after frying the rice??

Tim Elrod says:

I’m so excited to try this recipe!

ザム says:

For me the omelet would be the easiest part since I make it everyday. In Thailand they have something similar called Pattaya Fried Rice. Basically it is fried rice wrapped in omelet. It is more filling than the Omurice.

Wee-Sen Choo says:

Omg! Chef Ong!

Anthony Blignaut says:

It`s ok but prefer your Travel Video`s (no one beats the Kitchen Princess Bamboo: Japanese Everyday Food) sorry!

Eduard Baumstark says:

Thumbs up! Keep it coming! Especially the tongue in the cheek approach :)

Cheron Roggen says:

Nice recipe. Tried this in Japan and it was quite delicious! I should make it..looks easy enough. 😁

AEDLRC says:

Haha..nice video! It is aesthetically pleasing!

XSportSeeker says:

Looks yummy, but people should know that omurice has a pretty lose recipe… here's another one:
Chicken added to the filling as well as edamame, demi glace sauce instead of catchup, and the signature cutting the omelet on top of the rice instead of trying to wrap it up.
Afaik, the catchup rice is way more common in fast food reaturants and whatnot (in Japan), this famous Kyoto chef version is different…. but I'd probably like it better because ketchup makes omurice overly sweet. Edamame and chicken meat also makes the taste pretty different.
The one I ate in a run of the mill fast food chain in Japan had plenty of ketchup, the filling was entirely wrapped inside an omelet shell that was fully fried, not runny, the omelet itself was prepared more like japanese omelet (with sugar), and it did have chicken meat inside, but no mushrooms.
It was good, but the ketchup made it overly sweet… kind of a shocker. 😛

Nityananda Sannyashi says:

Please make a video on tokyo,kyoto,nara and osaka tour of 8 days

miprichan says:

A little tip for people who dont like ketchup. Supstitude it with tomatopaste mixed with water and soysauce. You can't write cute messanges but the taste is amazing.

Ayleen Apple says:

Wow))) thank you! I want to try to prepare that)

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