Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks | Jamie Oliver

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This slow and low one pot recipe guarantees perfect melt in the mouth lamb that will satisfy even the hungriest of diners. Tender shanks cooked in a thick, silky sauce and served with creamy mash and a fresh mint oil. This is such a tasty, comforting dish you’ll be asked to make it again and again.
This recipe first aired on Channel 4 in 2011 as part of the Jamie’s Great Britain series.

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john wednesday says:

bet he melted his plastic blender

McRcFly says:

lost me at raisins.

Sour Cream says:

Cooked this for 8 people and it was brilliant even though it was a lot of work for this many people.

Best recipe on this channel imo <3

K Paria says:

I love this crockpot!>>> I own one and bought this for my daughter. Great size, the timer is such a plus, just set the time and once it's done, it goes to warm automatically. No need to worry if you're late getting home. I also love the locks on the top of the crockpot! You can take it in the car and not worry about spills, the top stays on and you carry it using the handles on the side. It's easy to clean because you take the pot out when you're done, wash it then put it back to store it. So many reasons to love this crockpot!

Ava Winehouse says:

This first aired saying it was Persian. they’ve now cut that out as it is blasphemy

mm smith says:

Sultannas, raisins, currents are horrible. I can eat raisins straight from the box/packet but when its cooked in food and gets soggy then it becomes rancid and unbearable to eat.

Anthony Chorlton says:

Chicken stock?

james Schmidt says:

giving this a go now …. wish me luck!

IJuicey says:

Just made this. Absolutely Royal!

Don Rossco Joe says:

I'm not even hungry… But somehow I'm hungry…. Again…

Arif Priyohutomo says:


EquestAnton says:

Not again , he keeps forgetting to put ingredients in. The dry fruit didn't seem to make it, Im assuming something nice and tart and tagine like apricots…..who knows. Marmalade did make an appearance though, not so keen on citrus with lamb, though.

Paris Peyrovian says:

I made the food today. So good. So good. I want to cook this for my parents. What can I use instead of beer? Non alcoholic I mean. tnx. Paris

Neil Adams says:

I've made this a couple of times and I can't get the sauce to thicken at the end! Still tastes awesome though!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ann Paras says:

Omg I cannot believe all the morons that have left disgusting comments…great cooking Jamie x

Anna Zimperi says:

not that good. I guess i should have brought everything outside and cooked it on my front lawn.

thatmaragirl says:

whats the next best alternative for the ale, if you don't drink alcohol?

Life is like the sky My says:

Can I replace this with chunk of meat from leg of lamb or lamb shoulder?, because I'd like to make this as kind of stew.

aussiefaraday says:

Cooked this one tonight. Used sultanas, which are basically the same as raisins (all that was available). Didn't have a dark ale, but regular ale (I was simply emptying the pantry). Added lashings of rosemary and reduced it down to the thickest of gravies once the lamb was ready to fall off the bone. We still have some gravy leftover, and we're going to use it tomorrow night with some sausages. Thanks Jamie. x

John Lawrence Valdez says:

Slow Cooked lamb by Shanks…..

Anne O'Connor says:

I already made this and it's so yummy. Thanks Jamie.

Maulo Lumleod says:

Finally going to cook this tonight !

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